Almost 7 thousand euros if you return

Spain’s autonomous communities continue to readjust their return programs to attract more citizens and descendants.

The number one objective is to repopulate regions with low demographic rates during the most recent years.

The Official Gazette of Castilla y León of April 26, 2024, explains the new modifications issued in favor of the “Return Passport” program.

In the document you can read the requirements and procedures to access this initiative of said Spanish community, as stated. Spain Exterior.

The program will have two lines of direct financial aid. The first will be aimed at residents abroad; The second is intended for those who live in Spain, but outside of Castilla y León.

The Bulletin explains that there will be two programs within each line. “The I will provide support to applicants who, as of the date of submission of their application, have not returned to the Community.

It is taken into account that they intended to do so before the date established in the corresponding call order. Program II will be for those who have already established themselves in Castilla y León.”

The authorities of Castilla y León remember that both the aid from lines I and II, as well as from programs I and II, will be incompatible with each other.

Total Program Credit

In each call, the total credit for the “Return Passport” program will be established. According to the rules, the amount of financial aid for people aged 35 or over will be 2,500 euros. 500 euros are added per person in charge, with a maximum of 4,500.

In the case of those under 35 years of age, the aid will be 3,500 euros plus 500 euros per dependent person, with a maximum of 5,500.

The new provisions establish that when an applicant is in charge of two or more beneficiaries, the amount of 500 euros will be prorated equally.

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