Putin orders maneuvers with nuclear weapons after threats from the West

Putin orders maneuvers with nuclear weapons after threats from the West
Putin orders maneuvers with nuclear weapons after threats from the West

He Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the Armed Forces to carry out maneuvers with tactical nuclear weapons “shortly” due to “threats” from the West, as reported this Monday by the Russian Ministry of Defense.

During the exercises a series of activities will be carried out (…) for the preparation and use of non-strategic nuclear weapons

The military statement indicates.

Furthermore, add the note, The exercises seek to “improve the level of readiness of the nuclear forces.”“s non-strategic when carrying out combat missions”.

The Russian Army intends to “unconditionally guarantee the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the Russian State.” in response to provocative statements and threats made by certain Western leaders against the Russian Federation.”

In this regard, Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskov assured on Monday in his daily telephone press conference that The exercises are a response to claims by French President Emmanuel Macron and other senior British officials.

“They spoke about the willingness and even intention to send military contingents to Ukraine, that is, putting NATO soldiers against the Russian military. That is a new spiral of escalation of tension. “It is unprecedented and demands special attention and special measures,” he said.

In statements to “The Economist”, Macron again insisted a few days ago that does not rule out sending NATO troops to Ukrainian territory.

Several senior Russian officials have suggested the possible use of tactical nuclear weapons on Ukrainian territory, while they have opposed the possible placement of this type of weapons by the US in the United Kingdom.

Besides, Putin approved at the time the deployment of tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus, country from whose territory Russian troops entered Ukraine in the first days of the current war.

These maneuvers take place on the eve of Putin’s inauguration for a fifth term in the Kremlin, who has increased spending in the last decade on the modernization of the Russian nuclear triad – intercontinental missiles, atomic submarines and strategic aviation – to maintain parity with the United States.

Last February, in response to alleged NATO plans to deploy troops to Ukraine, Putin stressed that Russian strategic nuclear forces are “in full combat readiness.”

Last year, Russia revoked the ratification of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty (CTBT), although the moratorium remains in force as long as the US does not carry out tests of this type.

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