Don’t throw away toilet paper rolls: exploit your creativity with this fabulous recycled pencil holder

In the world of the home and recycling fans, there is an idea that will surely come in handy because if there is something that we always have at home, it is rolls of toilet paper. But now instead of throwing them away, you are going to use them to create a new decorative object for your home or why not give a gift.

Your new pencil holder or multipurpose.

What are you going to need?

-Rolls of toilet paper


-Colored straws

In simple steps

The first thing you are going to do is gather what you need to make this pencil holder in a matter of minutes and once you do this, you are going to grab at least two with your hands rolls of toilet paper and you are going to stick them next to each other. You can also do it with more rolls, but in this case we show you with only two.

Glue the rolls.

On this occasion we give you the option to also create as a base for these rolls, so these can be glued well and everything is neater. You can put a round base as we show you in the images or in any way you like. Once you glue this, you are going to go to the next step which is to place the colored straws surrounding the rolls.

Shine with this trick.
Glue is key.
Glue the straws.

The idea is that you stick the colored straws one by one on all sides of each roll, so they will look super fun and colorful. In a matter of minutes and with few materials as you have seen, you will have a new object at home that will be very useful for your office, room or why not for your children to do their daily schoolwork.

Put this step by step into practice and give yourself the opportunity to recycle these rolls, saving you a lot of money when creating your new pencil holder.

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