Take note of the home trick to eliminate your dark circles and look younger

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Home tricks to eliminate dark circles and look younger

  • Cold application: Placing cold spoons on your eyelids can reduce inflammation and swelling.
  • Cucumber slices: The cold and vitamin E in cucumber can reduce bags and combat dryness around the eyes.
  • Chamomile bags: Chamomile or green tea infusion bags help reduce inflammation and refresh the eye area.
  • Almond oils: Almond oil, rich in vitamins A, B and E, can hydrate and nourish the skin around the eyes, reducing wrinkles and rejuvenating the look.
  • Reducing salt in meals: Limiting salt consumption, especially at dinner, can prevent fluid retention that contributes to the formation of bags under the eyes.

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Many hypertensive patients believe that simply stopping adding salt to meals is enough.

  • Eyes corrector: Using a long-lasting concealer with high coverage power can conceal dark circles and improve the appearance of the eye contour, even without makeup.
  • Use foundation and translucent powder: Another trick to hide bags and dark circles is to use a good foundation over the dark circles concealer. The tones will mix and you will make your look look fresher.
  • Remove makeup: One of the most important steps for a beauty routine is skincare and if you get it right, the first step is to remove your makeup.

In addition to these tricksFollowing a skin care routine, including daily cleansing and moisturizing, is essential to maintaining a healthy appearance. young and fresh.

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