Overwhelming majority calls for Palestinian integration into the UN – DW – 05/10/2024

Overwhelming majority calls for Palestinian integration into the UN – DW – 05/10/2024
Overwhelming majority calls for Palestinian integration into the UN – DW – 05/10/2024

The United Nations General Assembly voted this Friday (05/10/2024) by an overwhelming majority in favor of the accession of Palestine as a full UN state, a non-binding but symbolic request that unleashed Israel’s anger and was opposed. countries like the United States and Argentina. The Security Council is the body that makes the decision on the entry of new members to the United Nations.

The resolution, presented by the United Arab Emirates and co-sponsored by Spain, Norway, Ireland, Belgium and seventy other states, was approved by 143 of the 193 countries that make up the organization, while 25 abstained and nine voted against, among these States. United States, Israel, Argentina, Czech Republic and Hungary.

The resolution approved by the Assembly also grants Palestine new powers that go beyond its current status as a “non-member observer state” and that define its participation in the General Assembly, but specifies that it will not have the right to vote nor will it be able to run as a candidate for the bodies. of the United Nations.

“Absurd decision”

After learning the result, Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz described the vote in the UN General Assembly as an “absurd decision.” “The decision to improve the status of Palestinians at the UN is a reward for the Hamas terrorists after committing the largest massacre of Jews since the Holocaust and perpetrating the most atrocious sexual crimes the world has ever seen,” the minister said.

Katz considered that the measure “demonstrates the structural bias of the UN” and that, under the leadership of Secretary General António Guterres, “it has become an irrelevant institution.” In his opinion, the message sent is that “violence is worth it.” In addition, Katz believes that “the Palestinians do not meet the UN criteria for being a state,” and that the decision violates the UN’s own rules of procedure. UN.

“The political theater called the UN has adopted an artificial decision, far from reality, that only encourages terrorism. Israel seeks peace, which will only be achieved through direct negotiations between the parties,” added the minister, although Israel has been opposing it for decades. reopen a peace process with the Palestinians.

Meanwhile, the president of the Palestinian National Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, said that his government will continue to promote full Palestinian integration into the United Nations and that the result is a boost in that direction.

DZC (AFP, EFE, Reuters)

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