North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un oversaw a new test of his multiple rocket launcher system

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un oversaw a new test of his multiple rocket launcher system
North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un oversaw a new test of his multiple rocket launcher system

Kim Jong-un supervised the new version of the multiple rocket launcher with which he promised “a strategic change in the country’s capabilities” (AP)

The North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un examined his country’s artillery weapons system this Friday, in which he highlighted a multiple rocket launcher 240mm who recently received a technical update. During his visit to a military exercise point, he also saw the test firing of one of these controllable projectiles that are manufactured in national companies.

“The multiple rocket launcher upgraded with high mobility and concentration of fire has a combined control system automatic fire and will be deployed in units of the Korean People’s Army as replacement equipment from 2024 to 2026,” the state agency reported. KCNA and added that this “significant change” will take place soon.

Last month, Kim Jong-un had been present at a test firing of this system and had already promised the improvements in combat capability that it would bring to his troops and could hit targets in South Korea. “It will mean a strategic change in strengthening the artillery capabilities of the country’s Army,” he said then.

According to Kim, this system will allow hitting targets in Seoul (REUTERS)

The first test of these projectiles was known in February of this year as part of the efforts that Pyongyang makes to intimidate its neighbor Seoul, although many experts do not rule out that it is also a strategy to develop weapons that can later be supplied to allied countries, such as Russia. Even in 2023, the nations sealed a military cooperation pact through which they have already begun shipments to Moscow to strengthen their capabilities in the war in Ukraine.

Along with these recent maneuvers, the North Korean regime often carries out military trials with nuclear warheads for strategic cruise missileswhich set off alarms in the West.

Although the country is subject to multiple sanctions of the international community since 2009, when it carried out its second nuclear test, the truth is that this has not prevented the authorities from continuing with the development and strengthening of their capacities in this aspect. Added to this is that Pyongyang has increased, in recent years, its war rhetoric and its approach to other regimes in the region.

Kim even called his troops to be prepared for war in the face of the geopolitical instability that surrounds their nation. “If the enemy chooses military confrontation with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, the DPRK will strike a death Punch to the enemy without hesitation through the mobilization of all the means in its power,” the state agency quoted him weeks ago. and added: “Highlighting the complicated international situation and the uncertain and unstable military situation around the DPRK, Now is the time to be more prepared than ever for a war”.

Pyongyang continues to strengthen its military capacity and asked troops to be ready for war (AP)

For its part, USA seeks to reduce tensions and advocates for a channel of dialogue to reach a scenario with more “positive” perspectives. “I welcome the opportunity to engage in dialogue with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea by our allies. “I have said many times that we are open to dialogue ourselves, at any time, without preconditions,” Biden said.

However, the Biden government intensified cooperation with Seoul in order to counteract intimidation maneuvers and strengthen its defense capacity in the event of an attack.

(With information from Reuters)

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