number of people affected by floods reaches 2.1 million people

number of people affected by floods reaches 2.1 million people
number of people affected by floods reaches 2.1 million people

The heavy rains that hit southern Brazil Since the end of April they have left more than 2.1 million people affected and at least 137 deadaccording to the latest report from the Civil defense.

The number of displaced people rose to more than 600,000of which some 81,000 had to seek refuge in shelters improvised by the authorities.

What did decrease was the number of missing people, which fell from 141 to 125 after verification of data based on reports from affected citizens.

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The most dramatic situation is experienced in Rio Grande do Sul, border state with Argentina and Uruguaywhere at least 136 deaths and 806 injuries have been reported and where 90% of the municipalities are affected.

The other deceased was reported in the neighboring state of Santa Catarina, also affected by the catastrophe, but to a lesser extent.

Floods in Brazil


The storms return with force

The rains that had given a slight respite since Thursday returned to the region this Saturday, although with a lower intensity than expected by experts.

He Taquari Valleyin the heart of the state, continues to be one of the most affected regions, as well as Porto Alegrethe capital of Rio Grande do Sul, whose historic center remains flooded after the Guaíba River overflowed.

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The same does not happen in the southernmost tip of the state, where several neighborhoods in the cities of Pelotas and Rio Grande were taken by water after the river overflowed. Lagoa two duckswhose level is one and a half meters above normal.

But chaos is experienced throughout the state and towards the north of the region, in Bento Gonçalveswhere the situation is also regrettable and more than 125,000 inhabitants live, mostly peasants and farmers.

Floods in Brazil


This is the case of Lairton Pavaretta, a 52-year-old farmer, who had to go live with his family and his sick mother with a friend in the neighboring municipality of Tuturí, because his house was practically destroyed and inaccessible due to the landslides.

We are living here because we have no energy there, we have no ways to get out, there is no way to get through.“he told EFE in dismay.

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The situation throughout the state of Rio Grande do Sul may worsen in the coming hours, where in addition to heavy rains, strong winds and low temperatures are expected that may extend until Tuesday.

The alarms are emphasized in the municipality of Uruguayanon the border with Argentina, where the Uruguay River It can exceed its level by up to four meters above, according to meteorological authorities.

Floods in Brazil


The storms that punish the region have left a trail of chaos and destruction in which dozens of cities have been left totally or partially under water.

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Hundreds of roads have been destroyed or blocked and the victims they suffer from the lack of public services; Hospitals are overwhelmed and without adequate conditions to care for patients..

The situation has made the work of those close to 28,000 troops -among firefighters, security forces and volunteers- who are in charge of rescues and distributing humanitarian aid.

Floods in Brazil


To help the victims of the rains, This Saturday the largest warship in Brazil and Latin America arrived in the city of Rio Grandewith 1,350 soldiers and loaded with 154 tons in donations, trucks, armored vehicles, helicopters, boats and two treatment plants capable of producing 20,000 liters of drinking water per hour.

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Rio Grande do Sul, an important agricultural hub and a fundamental sector for the growth of the countrywill need at least 18,839 million reais (3,700 million dollars or 3,400 million euros) to recover from the floods, according to calculations by the regional government.

For now, Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silvaannounced an aid package of 50 billion reais ($9.8 billion) for that state.


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