Russia commemorates Victory Day against fascism in Ecuador (+Photos)

With photographs of relatives who fought in World War II, flowers and the symbolic ribbon of Saint George, dozens of people walked this Saturday outside the Moscow embassy in Quito in the traditional march of the Immortal Regiment.

We gather today to remember our heroes, most of them are our grandparents or parents who sacrificed their lives to achieve a world of peace for future generations, said the Russian ambassador to Ecuador, Vladimir Sprinchan.

The diplomat pointed out that unfortunately in these times fascist tendencies are reappearing in Europe and other nations and also referred to the Russian military operation in Ukraine against that ideology.

Representatives of Ecuadorian social and political movements participated in the event, such as the November 15 Popular Committee and the Communist Party of Ecuador.

May 9, known as Victory Day, commemorates the triumph of the Soviet Union and the troops of the allied countries over Nazi Germany in World War II (1939-1945).

The signing of the German capitulation that marked the end of the war occurred on May 8, 1945, May 9 according to the time zone in the countries of Eastern Europe


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