What is the rule of 5, the key to having a relationship full of happiness

The stability of a couple It not only depends on the romance and the special connection that unites them, as there are other factors that influence it. Whether it is a caress or a hug, each one leaves an impact on the mental health on an emotional level, where some leave more important marks than others. In this sense, a study carried out in the field of psychology revealed some practices that help strengthen the love between both.

Physical contact:

For the psychology, the first practice that influences a relationship is real contact and the frequency with which it is done. Whether it’s a hug, a kiss or a caress, they have a positive impact on the mental health of the person. couple. Leaving aside sexual activity, several specialists recommend generating greater bonds of love through light or very demonstrative contacts.

Acts of service and support:

Regarding the second point, the psychology takes into account the coexistence and support existing in a couple. In that sense, he points out that when one of the two shows concern and helps him in any way, it is a sign that strengthens the relationship. That is, if someone tries to give support to the other person, whether due to lack of money or experiencing a bad streak, it helps them improve their situation. mental health.

Receive and give gifts:

Regarding the third practice, it is about something material that for the psychology It has a very deep meaning. Well, by providing small details within a relationship, it is likely that the relationship will become much more emotional. Although in one couple They assume that an expensive gift implies greater love, in reality just offering some chocolates or gold jewelry generates a positive impact on their mental health.

Spend quality time:

About this point, the psychology understands that the time of coexistence that a person has couple It is important. To be more precise, he points out that whether the hours spent seeing each other and talking are a lot or a little, it is significant for both of them and their mental health. However, what is most recommended is to have about 20 minutes to do couple activities.

Source: Canva

Words of affirmation:

For the last practice, the psychology affirms that to strengthen a relationship, the way you communicate is important. That is, not only referring to making important decisions or pointing out the defects of one’s own couple, but to generate words of encouragement. Although this seems common, the reality is that these types of phrases generate a greater emotional bond, as well as an improvement in the mental health of both members.

Source: Canva
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