This is the unlikely path of Carles Puigdemont to be president of the Generalitat

This is the unlikely path of Carles Puigdemont to be president of the Generalitat
This is the unlikely path of Carles Puigdemont to be president of the Generalitat

Catalonia 2024 Elections, live | Results, agreements and reactions to the victory of Salvador Illa and the defeat of the independence movement

Carles Puigdemont, from Junts per Cataluña, on election day (REUTERS/Bruna Casas)

The Catalonia elections of this Sunday, May 12, have resulted in a quite positive result for Together for Catalonia. Thus, in a call for unity and construction of a strong government in Catalonia, Carles Puigdemontthe candidate for the elections to the Parliament for Junts and former president of the Generalitat, urged Esquerra Republicana (ERC) to to collaborate for avoid a repeat election after Sunday’s results, which saw Salvador Illa of the PSC as the head of the list with the most votes.

Puigdemont, who spoke alongside other leaders of his party, stressed the ability to form “a solid Government of clearly Catalan obedience” despite not having achieved victory at the polls. “We will dedicate the next few hours to this with the aim of there being a Coherent government”said Puigdemont, highlighting the importance of effective leadership in the Parliament. “A tripartite government is a bad option for Catalonia“, he warned, “and less governed by a party that today, with the chaos of Rodalies, has already demonstrated its inability to good government”.

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Puigdemont and had expressed on previous occasions his willingness to apply as a candidate to President but is that possible? Well, although it seems improbable and is almost impossible, some bizarre operations in the Parliament they could end up with the Junts candidate in command of the Catalan Executive. The truth is that, with its 35 seats, Junts will play a key role in the investiturebut nor with the support of ERC, the CUP and Aliança Catalana could achieve the most of seats in the Catalan Cortes. In this way, Puigdemont’s only option as the new President would be through abstention from another political party: Socialist Party of Cataloniaif we discount the Populares and Vox.

Carles Puigdemont could also become president of Catalonia in the event of an second electionsalthough he has assured that new elections would be “a bad news” for the Catalans. Pacts, therefore, seem to be the only alternative or, in other words, “pressure Sánchez so that Illa abstains”, as one of the militants present there explained.

Furthermore, apart from this, the former president will also have to overcome the multiple legal obstacles that are presented to him, which could even end with his imprisonment at enter Spain. The amnesty law is expected to be ratified in Congress on May 30. After its entry into force, the magistrates will have a period of two months for its implementation and the consequent filing of the cases linked to the process. In this context, Puigdemont contemplates the possibility of facing arrest.

The Junts candidate for the Parliamentary elections, Carles Puigdemont, has called on ERC to rebuild bridges, because they are in a position to build “a solid Government of purely Catalan obedience” despite the victory of the head of the PSC list, Salvador Illa, in this Sunday’s elections. (Source: Junts)

The leader of Junts also celebrated tonight the increase in training in votes and deputiesunique within the pro-independence parliamentary spectrum, although he has recognized that this promotion does not compensate for the loss of votes suffered by other pro-independence formations. “The only pro-independence parliamentary formation that has grown,” said Puigdemont, regretting that this increase is not enough to ensure the electoral victory. This panorama leads him to reflect on the need for a greater union and common strategy among the pro-independence forces, especially given the mobilization of the electorate opposed to independence. “It forces us to reflection about the effects of disunity and the lack of a shared strategy,” he emphasized.

According to Puigdemont, the “spanishization” promoted by entities such as the Socialist Party of Catalonia would have played a crucial role in the mobilization of the unionist electorate, thus affecting the results in favor of the independence forces. The former president of Catalonia pointed out the need to counter these actions to reunify support for Catalan independence. “A part of the independence electorate continues without moving”, he lamented, underlining the complications derived from the lack of action and unity within this ideological sector.

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