Egypt supported South Africa’s lawsuit against Israel at the ICJ and diplomatic relations falter

Since the 1979 peace agreement, Cairo and Tel Aviv have maintained stable ties, but the offensive in Rafah could change the situation.

Gazans flee Rafah. Photo: EFE.

The Israeli offensive in the city of Rafahsouth of the Gaza Stripunleashed a new international repudiation that reached the courts of The Hague. In this framework, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Egypt announced its formal support for the lawsuit filed by South Africa against Israel before the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in which he denounces crimes of genocide.

The Egyptian ministry stated in a statement that they adhere to the complaint to “examine Israel’s violations of its obligations under the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide in the Gaza Strip.”

Rafah border crossing. Photo: Reuters.

Antony Blinken in China. Photo: Reuters

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The reasons for the determination

In addition, Cairo noted that the measure was taken due to “the severity of Israeli attacks against Palestinian civilians,” which include “direct attacks” on the population and the destruction of vital infrastructure in the enclave. Besides, accused Israel of “pushing Palestinians to flee and displace their lands”something that contributed to “an unprecedented humanitarian crisis that led to the creation of uninhabitable conditions in the Gaza Strip”, according to the statement.

In this way, Cairo described these Israeli actions as “a flagrant violation” of international humanitarian law, as well as the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949 on the protection of civilians in war.

Gazans flee Rafah. Photo: EFE. Gazans flee Rafah. Photo: EFE.

Egypt called on Tel Aviv to implement the provisional measures issued by the ICJ to guarantee the arrival of humanitarian assistance, while demanded the UN Security Council to take “immediate measures” to implement a ceasefire and end Israel’s military operations in Rafah, on the southern tip of Gaza.

The offensive at the border crossing Rafahwhich connects Gaza to Egypt, greatly deteriorated relations between Tel Aviv and Cairo, which from the beginning of the war warned against the displacement of Palestinians from the Strip. Egypt and Israel signed peace in 1979, a pact that could be broken if Israel decides to carry out a full invasion of the southern city of Gaza.where some 1.4 million Palestinians live crowded together, most of them displaced by the war.

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