Two relatives would be involved in the death of a Colombian buried in a garden in Spain

Two relatives would be involved in the death of a Colombian buried in a garden in Spain
Two relatives would be involved in the death of a Colombian buried in a garden in Spain


On March 25, 2024, the family of Jhon Jairo Pérez Chavarro, 52, filed a search request with the Spanish authorities for this man whose body was found in the garden of a property in the municipality. from Siero, near the city of Gijón. According to information, Jhon Jairo was last seen when he was hanging out with a group of people at a party.

After several weeks of searching and investigation to clarify the causes of what happened, the victim who worked in a cleaning company, They found him buried in the garden from the scene with signs of violence on his body, which were what led to death.

In context: They found the body of a Colombian buried in the garden of a farm in Spain

After that discovery, the authorities captured two people who turned out to be the main suspects of the crime, who were identified as Julio Adrián and Cristian, children of Jhon Jairo’s sister-in-law.

Due to this, those captured told what happened before the Court of First Instance and Instruction 1 of Siero, explaining that they They were drinking considerable amounts of alcohol with the victim. Then, one of them (Cristian) left the party, so only Julio and Jhon Jairo were left, who after a heated argument due to Jhon’s proposal to go to a brothel, ended in tragedy.

“He tried to stab me, there was a struggle and the knife stabbed him,” according to Julio, who later claimed that he was only defending himself, the media quoted him as saying. Trade.

And although Julio said that he tried to defend himself from the victim, in the autopsy they found that Jhon Jairo would have received at least ten stab wounds to his body.

After the argument in which the Colombian died, Julio (also of Colombian origin) said he buried the victim’s body in the garden so as not to arouse suspicion. This, while he waited for the state of intoxication he was in to pass.

Furthermore, he testified before the judge that “He buried the body to protect his family in Colombia,” since, if Jhon Jairo’s children realized this, they would avenge this man’s death by killing more family members.

“I apologize to Cristian and my family for hiding the truth from them, but I was terrified of what could happen in Colombia, because my family’s lives are in great danger. I just want them to be protected. Blood can flow there,” Julio said before the judge, as quoted by the aforementioned media.

On the other hand, Cristian assured that he did not participate in the crime and that, to prove this, he requested to have his location recorded that day Jhon Jairo Pérez Chavarro died. At the moment, the investigations are progressing until the judge issues a prompt sentence.

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