The Russians wanted by the FBI escaped from house arrest in Córdoba

The Russians wanted by the FBI escaped from house arrest in Córdoba
The Russians wanted by the FBI escaped from house arrest in Córdoba

The Russians Anton Petrovich Napolsky and Valeriia Ermakova, wanted by the United States justice for alleged illicit association, fraud and money launderingthey escaped from the house arrest they enjoyed in Córdoba and federal judge No. 2 of the Capital, Alejandro Sánchez Freytes, ordered their international capture.

The couple was involved in a criminal case in New York as a result of the investigation by the US Federal Intelligence Agency (FBI) for alleged theft of copyrighted books, then uploaded to Z-Library, the self-proclaimed “e-book library.” biggest in the world”.

The Russians fell in Santa Cruz last October, when they were on vacation after having entered the country through the Córdoba airport. After his arrest and transfer to this capital, the first extradition trial was held in April.

They denied having committed a crime, and Napolsky questioned that the extradition request did not specify which works had suffered the violation of the copyright.

In 2023, the prosecutor No. 3 of Córdoba, Maximiliano Hairabedian, had requested extradition to the United States. But the defense stated that the request did not detail the alleged criminal maneuvers, which did not allow those requested to defend themselves adequately.

In this way, he asked the then acting judge Sergio Pinto (later replaced by Sánchez Freytes) to order the US Justice to expand the alleged illicit operations committed to his clients. The magistrate granted, suspended the trial and asked the US for more information.

The defense requested Pinto’s recusal, understanding that he had lost his impartiality. Finally, the Chamber accepted the request and He replaced him with Sánchez Freytes, who carried out the second extradition trial.

The magistrate declared the extradition of both to US soil for trial on five charges classified as illicit copyright, conspiracy to commit electronic fraud, electronic fraud and illicit money laundering association. He also ordered that they remain under house arrest in Córdoba.

The foreigners appealed to the Supreme Court of Justice, while requesting to be considered political refugees, to avoid being sent to the United States.

They ran away

The first warning of the escape of the Russians was given by the Patronato del Liberado. As usual, he went to verify the presence of the detainees in the accommodation where they were to serve house arrest. However, the authorities were surprised that there was no longer any trace of them, according to judicial sources. The voice.

They immediately notified Sánchez Freytes of the situation. At the same time, the couple’s defense lawyer during the extradition trial, in which he even served as translator, also warned the magistrate that he had lost contact with them.

The judge ordered the international arrest of both. It is presumed that they have not yet managed to leave the country.

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