An aspiring gendarme in Chile died after being forced to jog with pneumonia in the rain

An aspiring gendarme in Chile died after being forced to jog with pneumonia in the rain
An aspiring gendarme in Chile died after being forced to jog with pneumonia in the rain

Ignacia’s relatives are waiting for the results of the autopsy to initiate legal action against the institution.

(From Santiago, Chile) This Monday, the Bío Bío Flagrancy Prosecutor’s Office reported that it opened an investigation to clarify the circumstances in which the death of Ignacia Albornoz Insulzaa young student at the Alex Villagrán Pañinao Penitentiary Training School – located in San Bernardo, Santiago -, who would have been forced to train at dawn, with cold and rainwhile she was sick pneumonia.

The case became known on Sunday, after the Gendarmerie reported it on his Instagram account, and immediately brought to mind the fateful marchto army training in Putre, which ended the life of the conscript Franco Vargason April 27.

As detailed Jaime GajardoUndersecretary of Justice, Albornoz entered the Carabineros Hospital on May 3, where he was given three days leavebeing picked up by her relatives from the Gerdarmería School to return on May 6.

Upon his return, medical personnel established that he was in good . Due to that report, and despite the warnings of his classmates, the officers in charge of the course would have obliged to the young woman go jogging at 5:50 a.m. the next day. After that training Albornoz felt bad again and she was again referred to the Carabineros Hospital, where she was diagnosed with influenza bronchitis. On that occasion she was given another 4 days of rest.

In the midst of that rest, which he carried out at his home in Take (500 km south of Santiago), where she was from, on Saturday she was transferred to the Las Higueras Hospital in Talcahuano, and her death was recorded early Sunday morning. The preliminary cause of her death, according to the undersecretary, was a cardiorespiratory arrest.

In the midst of your sadness, Jessica InzunzaIgnacia’s mother, assured that her daughter was wearing sick for several days and accused that, despite this, he had to comply with the demanding trainings that include jogging in the early morning, cold water baths and clothing not suitable for low temperatures.

“In conditions or not, they have a routine that they have to do as a school. They have to be followed by a guideline, orders from abovethat they have to respect everything,” he explained, according to a BíoBío note.

“It is not something that comes from now, this is always done. The problem is whether the students were fit (or not) to jog, run, shower with ice water, do what was really done,” he warned.

Furthermore, he reported that his daughter isolated in a piece that did not meet the conditions to endure a pneumonia.

“When she arrived at school they isolated her in a wet piecefrozen, that she told me: ‘Mom, I’m cold.’ As long as they didn’t go looking for her there, she couldn’t leave. There was no other option,” she concluded heartbroken.

Her mother reported that she was isolated in a humid room without the necessary conditions to cope with pneumonia.

Sandra Insulza, Ignacia’s maternal aunt, noted that she saw her sick and very saddened by her situation. The young woman would have told him that, although she did not feel in good condition, she should return to school in the morning. pressure to be expelled if he didn’t perform in training.

“Deep down I believe that fear, fear, that I don’t know if it will be instilled in some other way or not. ‘If they are not suitable, they will be discharged’, but we must consider that before entering there they had to undergo a lot of tests. medical check-upshe questioned.

Until now, the family is waiting for the delivery of the body so that it can be carried out. wake in the commune of Tomé, as well as the result of the autopsy to drink legal actions, andin case of verification negligence, against the institution.

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