Venezuelan Parliament agreed to withdraw invitation to EU for elections

Caracas, May 14 (RHC) The National Assembly (parliament) of Venezuela approved this Tuesday by a qualified majority to propose to the Electoral Power to withdraw the invitation to the European Union -EU- to participate as observers in the presidential elections on July 28.

The legislators debated in the ordinary session this Tuesday about the measures announced the day before by the community bloc to lift the sanctions against the president of the National Electoral Council -CNE-, Elvis Amoroso, and two other retired people from the electoral body.

The president of the National Assembly Jorge Rodríguez, when presenting the proposal in the legislative chamber, stated that the EU is biased towards the United States candidate, in this case the representative of the Democratic Unitary Platform, Edmundo González.

Rodríguez described the European Union as subservient to the interests of the northern country and stated that they do not want free and democratic elections, but rather that a Washington puppet govern in Venezuela.

Let us send a letter signed by the Board of Directors of the National Assembly to the “worthy and brave President Amoroso”, requesting that he withdraw the invitation made to the EU “by rude people, by bastards, by scoundrels, by illegal and illegitimate people”, he stressed. .

The legislator asked if they would agree to send a commission of deputies to “support such a candidate for the parliament of such a country”, would they not let him enter or in any case would they be opportunely and adequately summoned to leave that country.

He recalled that in 2021 they incurred very serious offenses and were required that the electoral observation mission could not have a political overtone nor could they invite political representatives, but rather “solely and exclusively a technical mission.”

Who can expect an objective report if they commit this type of atrocity, who can expect that what this mission of observers says is duly adjusted to reality and the law, if they are not even capable of complying with the essential requirement of impartiality, he stressed. .

Rodríguez commented that the EU prefers to continue committing an international crime because unilateral coercive measures are defined by the UN as illegitimate, illegal and criminal.

“It wasn’t for us, we tried, but they still haven’t forgiven us for our freedom, for being independent, and for a man one meter 47 centimeters tall (Simón Bolívar) defeated the most powerful army the world knew at that time,” he noted.

“They do not forgive us for rebellion, dignity, stubbornness and such acts of barbarism are allowed,” he emphasized, referring to the lifting of sanctions by the EU on the head of the CNE and two other retired officials. (Source: Prensa Latina).

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