What are Taser guns?: this is how the weapon proposed by the Governor of Santiago works to combat crime in the capital

For some time now, an intense debate has been going on in Chile regarding the security crisis that the country faces.

Within the framework of the above, it is that the Governor of Santiago, Claudio Orregorequested the Executive to use taser guns by the police so that they can combat crime in the streets of the capital.

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In that sense, Claudio Orrego maintained that “Crime 2.0 needs a State 2.0 and for that we have to equip ourselves with the best technology available in the world.”

What are Taser guns?

Specifically, Tasers They are a middle alternative between a retractable baton and firearms. Among their main novelties is that they can make an audiovisual record that allows those who use them to be protected, since they serve as evidence in the event of a possible judicial investigation.

When using a Taser, it causes neuromuscular immobilization for the person who is shot of the weapon. In this way, it would not cause major damage to the person receiving an impact, but would only make it impossible for them to move.

Under this context, according to the authority, the use of this type of weaponry would reduce crimes, since It is deterrent in nature and protects the lives of close people in the event of a possible criminal act in which it is used.

Along the same lines as the above, the general director of Smart Partners, Francisco del Campoexplained that “what the Taser allows is that any violent interaction “Do not escalate to an instance that ends in injuries.”

It is recommended to “use it at a safe distance for the security officer to control the situation, generating 5 seconds of neuromuscular immobilization, enough so that the police officer can control the person in a way that is safe for the person and the officer,” he added.

It should be noted that, currently, the police of Colombia, Brazil and Argentina They use this type of weapon to carry out police procedures.




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