They hired her as a nanny with a tempting salary, but the couple had other intentions: “Speechless”

They hired her as a nanny with a tempting salary, but the couple had other intentions: “Speechless”
They hired her as a nanny with a tempting salary, but the couple had other intentions: “Speechless”

A woman received an unusual proposal from a married couple who contacted her about her babysitting services. They promised her an attractive salary and summoned her to detail what her tasks would be, however, she was surprised to realize that His intentions were different..

The young woman named Verónica is originally from Venezuela and currently lives in the United States. She works as a childminder and is dedicated to creating content on his social networks. At the end of April, Verónica recounted an uncomfortable situation that she had to experience.

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As she said in a TikTok video, some time ago, a couple contacted her to request her home babysitting services. “This family promised to pay me $35 an hour to take care of his son. At that time, I was earning $18 per hour,” the anecdote began.

But that was not all, apart from the salary, the couple assured him that he would receive “many benefits.” They told her that they would take out medical insurance, a membership in a physical activity gym, and that they would cover travel expenses to her home.

“They assured me that they loved me, that she was the ideal candidate and she had ‘everything necessary’ for the position,” revealed the influencer, who was excited at that moment about the new opportunity that was presented to her.

After the first conversations, they decided to have the first face-to-face meeting to get to know each other. Verónica wanted to meet the boy with whom she would spend daily time. “The house was very close to mine. “I was super excited,” she said. But nothing was what it seemed.

The true intentions of marriage

The young woman arrived at the home and after talking for a while with the couple, she asked them to meet the child. “I asked the couple about what their son was like, to get to know him and get an idea about him. So, They told me that he was a very shy boy and not very talkative.. ‘That worries us a lot. Maybe he’s a good boy and he’s very intelligent,’ they told me,” he said.

Verónica told on social networks the unusual proposal she received. (Video: TikTok/@verovanedp

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The description of the little boy aroused intrigue in Verónica and she wanted to know the boy’s age. “I wanted to know how old he was and what activities they wanted me to carry out with the boy,” she revealed. However, that question revealed the true intentions of the marriage. Turns out he wasn’t a boy, but an adult..

“The couple revealed to me that their son was 23 years old and I had to accompany him to the gym. I asked them if the young man had any disability, since he did not work in this area. “I am not a specialist on the subject: I do not have any degree or course that supports me in dealing with these cases,” he deepened. But the truth is that the young man did not have any disability.

“The parents made it clear to me that the young man ‘was just very shy’ and ‘I had never had a girlfriend‘. That worried them a lot. They told me: ‘We think that if you work with us, we think he could become more extroverted, he would be encouraged to open up a little more,’” Verónica recalled.

“I was left speechless. I thanked them for the opportunity and the benefits, although I replied that I was not interested in the offer. It wasn’t about the work I was dedicated to. I am a caregiver for small children, I didn’t know there were ‘babysitters’ for young adults.”, he concluded.

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