Shocking video of men fighting with machete: one of them lost a hand

Shocking video of men fighting with machete: one of them lost a hand
Shocking video of men fighting with machete: one of them lost a hand

Two individuals decided to “resolve” their differences in their own way and came out badly hurt.

The incident took place in the municipality of Consuelo, in the province of San Pedro Macorís, Dominican Republic, on the night of last Tuesday, May 14.

In a video shared on networks and that has gone viral these days, It is observed how two subjects face each other in a battle with machetes in the middle of a service station. The attacks are brutal, as you can see that while one falls to the ground, the other does not stop and continues attacking him without any compassion. The magnitude of the fight is such that one of the machetes hits the left hand of one of the combatants, causing his mutilation.

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There are some women there, presumably companions of the fighters, and their anguished screams can be heard as they witness the fight. Once the brawl ends, the individual lying on the ground is seen walking away from the scene, bloody and with multiple wounds all over his body. Meanwhile, the other man returns to get his hand back.

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According to reports from ‘El Imparcial’ and cited by Tropicana Colombia, The protagonists of this tragic feud were identified as Kelvin Melquiades Trinidad, 31 years old, and Nelvin Félix, known as ‘Papito’. It has been confirmed that Trinidad was the one who suffered the amputation, while Félix was injured in various parts of his body. Both were rushed to medical centers to receive specialized care.

For now, the reason that led them to attack each other in such a way is not known.

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