An old group of silos with a lot to offer

An old group of silos with a lot to offer
An old group of silos with a lot to offer

He is a journalist, civil engineer and professor at the Universidad Nacional del Sud in subjects related to architectural heritage and urban planning. He has published articles in the magazines Propiedad, Todo es Historia, Obras & Protagonistas and Summa +. He participates in several radio micros referring to the history of Bahía Blanca. On two occasions he received first mention from ADEPA in the Culture and History category.

A silo for collecting cereals seems that, due to its shape and structure, it does not allow any other use other than that. However, nothing could be further from the truth. A little creativity and architecture are enough to turn that destination into a completely unexpected union.

This is the case of the brand new Kunstsilo art gallery, which opened inside a silo from the 1930s in southern Norway, converted by the Barcelona studios Mestres Wåge and which houses a collection of 5,500 works of modern art from the Nordic region. .

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The goal of the study was to preserve the architecture of the old warehouse. To achieve this, he proposed placing his 30 silos in the center of the stage. The 37 meter high interior has been carved, creating a large “basilica-like” atrium and a 21 meter high circulation core.

Around it are the galleries, most of them housed in two adjoining extensions. One of these extensions is a replica of an original volume that had to be reconstructed. The main architectural intervention was to cut the cylinders at 21 meters high.


The museum is made up of 25 galleries distributed over three floors, with an area of ​​3,300 m2.

With diagonal walls, no two galleries are the same, but they are unified by their minimalist aesthetic, which aims to make the artworks the focal point.

Old concrete keeps traces of what has been done to it throughout history so that we can read it. The additions that, in contrast, are simpler.”

This ambition is also reflected on the exterior, where the original white plastering of the silo has been restored and combined with the facades of the replaced volume.

Meanwhile, in the incorporation the studio was more experimental and covered it in aluminum with a corrugated finish.

Viewpoints over the peninsula have been created on two floors. This includes one on the fourth floor, complete with outdoor art set against the backdrop of silos, as well as a rooftop bar.

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