Coup attempt thwarted in DRC

Coup attempt thwarted in DRC
Coup attempt thwarted in DRC

Army spokesman Major General Sylvain Ekenge reported on state television RTNC that the attempt involved foreigners and Congolese; He also assured that all the assailants were subdued and the situation is under control.

The statement, which was reproduced through the Government’s social networks, asked the population to remain calm and continue their usual activities, and announced that they would return later with more information and supporting images.

According to local reports, in the early morning the inhabitants of the Gombe commune, where the country’s main institutions are located, woke up to the sound of gunshots.

According to Michel Moto, spokesperson for the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy, Vital Kamerhe, his residence was attacked around 04:30, local time, by a group of armed men, dressed in military uniform.

The deputy and candidate for the position of president of the National Assembly, as well as his family, emerged unharmed from the incident and their security was reinforced, said Moto, who added that two of the police officers guarding the office and one of the assailants lost their lives.

The attackers also headed towards the Palace of the Nation, headquarters of the Presidency, Radio Okapi reported, and a few hours after the assault the Republican Guard arrested the aggressors, who were wearing fatigues and carrying Zairean flags.

In videos published on social networks, the assailants stated that “they wanted to change things in the management of the Republic.”

The media outlet pointed out that the Republican Guard was deployed on Tshatshi Boulevard, while armored vehicles took up positions around the Palace of the Nation; In addition, a security meeting was called.


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