Sorocabana Coffee – La Nueva

Sorocabana Coffee – La Nueva
Sorocabana Coffee – La Nueva

He is a journalist, civil engineer and professor at the Universidad Nacional del Sud in subjects related to architectural heritage and urban planning. He has published articles in the magazines Propiedad, Todo es Historia, Obras & Protagonistas and Summa +. He participates in several radio micros referring to the history of Bahía Blanca. On two occasions he received first mention from ADEPA in the Culture and History category.

57 years ago, in May 1947, Sorocabana coffee advertised in this newspaper the benefits of the product it offered in its strategic location at Chiclana 47.

“When someone talks about drinking good coffee, Sorocabana is immediately mentioned. This is a very valuable achievement and a permanent link between Sorocabana and the good takers.”

In this way the house promoted its product, which had been served for the first time in our city in November 1941, when the firm opened its branch, which was added to those already existing in Córdoba and Rosario.

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The name of the business was related to the preparation of the drink from seeds from the Brazilian town of Soracaba.

The location of the premises was very advantageous, in front of Plaza Rivadavia and next to the London bar, so it was common for both sidewalks to be occupied during the morning by dozens of neighbors who took advantage of the benefits of the so-called “sun sidewalk” to talk about the city’s issues, political, sports, social and, of course, the city’s own gossip.

The building that the business occupied also had its history, since it had been occupied since 1910 by the branch of the Provincia bank, which only in 1919 moved to its own premises on Alsina Street, next to the Municipal Palace.

Café No. 1 and the path of the Sun, 1966

In the 1960s, the Sorocabana gave rise to the Bandeirantes and finally to the baptized Café Nº 1, a classic space in the city, which was characterized by its large oval-shaped bar with a marble countertop, the unmistakable aroma of coffee and the characteristic noise. of cups and spoons banging. The place extended its history until 1997. Then there were a couple of businesses spread out on the ground floor and after a few years closed it is preparing to house a new commercial proposal.

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