María Corina Machado aspires to a democratic transition without revenge in Venezuela


The Venezuelan opposition member María Corina Machado aspires to a reasonable democratic transition that unites the country, when she is president, she says, it will be the same for all Venezuelans “equally”, without revenge or revenge, and all this would be convenient not only for Venezuela, but the hemisphere.

“It is essential to go to the end, this is not a conventional electoral competition,” he says this Sunday in an interview with the Spanish newspaper El Mundo in reference to the presidential elections next July.

She won the primary elections of the main opposition bloc to compete for the Presidency of the Republic, but she is disqualified from elected public office, so the Democratic Unitary Platform (PUD) chose Edmundo González Urrutia as its candidate instead.

“All the way is to rebuild a country for our children and that is what we are determined to do. “Every day that passes, we are growing and they are falling,” comments Machado about the main opposition bloc and the “regime” of Nicolás Maduro, respectively.

“Now, I don’t suck my thumb – he clarifies -: we are facing a criminal system that is risking everything. If the votes are counted here as it is, we are going to sweep, there is no way that (the Chavistas) can win a victory.”

But she denounces that the July election “is not free” and the process is “full of traps” because Venezuelans will not be able to vote for the person they elected in the opposition primaries (herself).

And it is not fair because there are 10 million people with the right to vote who are “denied”, in reference to those who are outside the country, have not been allowed to register to vote or face administrative obstacles that makes it difficult.

Aware of the socioeconomic situation in Venezuela, Machado recognizes that it is time to rebuild a country “shattered.”

“We have more than half of the territory under the control of irregular armed groups, we have a mortgaged and indebted Venezuela, we have a humanitarian crisis, a services crisis, a security crisis,” he describes. Worse than a war! For what we are going to have to rebuild, it is necessary that we go hand in hand.”


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