“Begoña Case”: a novelty in the investigation of Pedro Sánchez’s wife causes suspicion in Spain

“Begoña Case”: a novelty in the investigation of Pedro Sánchez’s wife causes suspicion in Spain
“Begoña Case”: a novelty in the investigation of Pedro Sánchez’s wife causes suspicion in Spain


MADRID.- In the midst of tensions between the governments of Spain and Argentina over Javier Milei’s statements about Begoña Gómez, the wife of Spanish President Pedro Sánchez, the Spanish newspaper The country published information from an alleged report of the Spanish Civil Guard in which it is ensured that No evidence has been found of the crime of influence peddling by Gómezwhich sparked criticism from Popular Party (PP) to the Spanish media for having tried to “protect” the socialist leader.

The organization Clean hands, linked to the Spanish right, had filed a complaint against Gómez at the end of April for a crime of influence peddling and corruption in private businesses, Therefore, a Madrid court began an investigation. The head of a court in the Spanish capital, Juan Carlos Peinado, commissioned the Central Operational Unit (UCO) of the Civil Guard to report on the two alleged operations in which the president’s wife would have influenced, which are the rescue of Air Europa during the pandemic and aid to the firm Innova Next.

The acting President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, with his wife, Begoña GómezÁlex Cámara – Europa Press – Álex Cámara – Europa Press

According to the report cited by The country, After analyzing “in detail both public aid to private companies”, the UCO “does not find a single indication of the influence peddling that Manos Limpas denounces.”

“It has not been able to verify nor does it have data that would allow it to prove the influence of Begoña Gómez in the millionaire rescue that the Government of Spain carried out in 2020 to Air Europa”, details the article, which adds that no links were found between the contracting table of the other firm and Gómez.

After the publication of the article by The country, Popular Party sources told The world that the “complete or partial” leak of the Civil Guard report “on the eve of the appearance of the President of the Government in Congress” has the intention of “protecting Pedro Sánchez.”

Pedro Sánchez looks at his wife Begoña Gómez as they cast their vote during Spain’s general elections, in Madrid, on July 23, 2023.JAVIER SORIANO – AFP

Sánchez will speak tomorrow before the Spanish Parliament about his wife’s private activities, among other topics.

The Popular Party expressed that it hopes to be able to consult the complete report leaked in The country, while the organization Manos Cleans warned that “given that the summary is under secrecy” they will “request today your Honor of the Court of Instruction number 41, to proceed with the opening of a separate piece in order to identify the person or persons who have proceeded to leak a document that is under secrecy of the summary and that is a crime“, according The world.

Meanwhile, the PP spokesperson in Congress Miguel Tellado https://twitter.com/ppopular/status/1792886156603871656 that his party “is not going to back down and is going to investigate the investigations that surround the Government.” And he added: “It is our constitutional duty.”

Alberto Núñez Feijóo, president of the PP

As a result of the complaint against Begoña Gómez, the most recent comments by Argentine President Javier Milei against her, considering her “corrupt” in her speech at Europa Viva 24, an event organized by Vox, which led to Spain’s decision to permanently withdraw the ambassador from Buenos Aires.

Far from asking for the apology that the Spanish government demands, Milei continued to target Sánchez’s wife. “Begoña is in a lot of cases in which she is suspected. “Pedro Sánchez is dirty,” he said this Tuesday in an interview with LN+. At this moment, Begoña Gómez only has the case open for influence peddling initiated by the complaint from Manos Médicas.

After the announcement of the investigation into Begoña Gómez at the end of April, Sánchez analyzed resigning from his position for five days.

“I need to stop and reflect. I urgently need to answer the question of whether it is worth it, despite the mud into which the right and the extreme right try to turn politics. Whether I should continue to lead the government or give up this high honor”, he then wrote in a letter published on the social network X.

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