Javier Milei to Pedro Sánchez for the withdrawal of the Spanish ambassador in Argentina

The diplomatic crisis between the governments of Argentina and Spain reached its peak This morning: the left-wing government of Pedro Sánchez made the decision to withdraw its ambassador from Buenos Aires.

“It is nonsense typical of an arrogant socialist,” said the Argentine president in statements to his country’s television channel, LN+, in response to the decision announced by the Spanish Government this Tuesday, which sets a historic negative precedent for relations between both countries.

“He is so fatally arrogant that regarding a personal problem, in a phrase that had no names, he felt alluded to, then the problem belongs to Mr. Pedro Sánchez, and from there he makes an absolutely meaningless diplomatic escalation. Does he think he is the State? “That is totalitarian, it is socialist,” Milei said in the interview.

Milei even attacked the wife of the President of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sánchez, whom he referred to as a “corrupt woman.” | Photo: AFP

Likewise, the president was asked if he would pay with the same currency and withdraw his ambassador from Spanish territory, which he flatly refused. “This stains the international image of Spain and [evidencia] how arrogant they are, like believing that they are the State and that no one can tell them anything,” said the Argentine president in the statements he gave to the press in his country.

This Tuesday, May 21, Milei considered that “Pedro Sánchez has an inferiority complex compared to me” and recommended “a psychologist to help him mature and a good lawyer for Begoña because she already has a lot of cases where she is suspected of drug trafficking.” influences.”

Milei considered that Sánchez “was looking for a ‘shock’ of these characteristics, But it backfired because he is making himself look ridiculous.”

Likewise, he pointed out that the Spanish Government is allied with his country’s opposition to generate this diplomatic crisis between both countries. “He has problems in Spain and needs to polarize. What is happening in Spain is not independent of the actions of Kirchnerism here. The reaction in Spain is promoted by Kirchnerism here. “It is coordinated with Kirchnerism.”

Begoña Gómez and Pedro Sánchez | Photo: Getty Images

The cause of discord

During a speech at a meeting in Madrid of far-right leaders organized by the Spanish party Vox, Milei referred to Begoña Gómez as a “corrupt woman.” Although he did not identify Sánchez or his wife by name, Milei’s allusion to the period of reflection he took to decide whether to resign due to the attacks on his wife allowed the couple to be identified.

The ambassador of Spain in Buenos Aires, María Jesús Alonso Jiménez, returned to her country after the diplomatic conflict between Javier Milei and Pedro Sánchez, Spanish president
The ambassador of Spain in Buenos Aires, María Jesús Alonso Jiménez, returned to her country after the diplomatic conflict between Javier Milei and Pedro Sánchez, Spanish president | Photo: Government of Spain / AP / AFP

The Argentine Government, at the time, considered that it was Pedro Sánchez who should apologize. “No apology is due. No apology. On the contrary, I believe that there should be several apologies from the Spanish Government for the things they have said about President Milei,” the Minister of the Interior, Guillermo Francos, declared to the TN channel, shortly after the presidential spokesperson Manuel Adorni expressed himself in the same sense on the LN+ channel.

The Spanish Government’s response was to criticize the president again, before recalling its ambassador. “Between governments, affections are free, but respect is inalienable, that is why we have asked the current president of the Government of the Argentine Republic for a public rectification,” said Sánchez. at a business meeting in Madrid.

*With information from AFP.

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