Take a breath as you learn the secret to tenderizing roast meat before receiving the heat from the embers.

That is why every lover of roastyou should take note of some key and simple techniques, in order to ensure meats that stand out for their tenderness and flavor.

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Roast: the secret to tenderizing meat before receiving the heat of the embers

There are several points that must be respected to get the best roast in the world and surprise diners with the best delicacies roasted:

  • It is essential not to cut the meat before it hits the grill. They must be cooked in the glow of the embers with their original size and shape. Cooking the entire piece prevents it from drying out by losing the interior juices.
  • It is advisable to salt the meat about the end of cooking since, otherwise, this ingredient will cause the meat produce juices too early and they will evaporate, preventing it from cooking properly to achieve the expected tenderness.
  • To soften the meat In advance, you can marinate any cut with milk meat in milk.
  • It is key to pay attention to the cooking time of the roast. The meat stay on the grill with a gentle and constant heat. The longer the meat roasting, the higher the chances of getting a roast tender and rich, finger-licking good.

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