The first Kenyan delegation arrives in Haiti

The first Kenyan delegation arrives in Haiti
The first Kenyan delegation arrives in Haiti

The Nairobi delegation is coming to inspect and evaluate the construction of a base that will house its troops, and the international airport in Port-au-Prince, reported the newspaper Le Nouvelliste.

In the Caribbean nation, the arrival of members of a Kenya Police Reconnaissance Unit, the Rapid Deployment Force and the Special Operations Group is expected on May 26.

In total, there will be 200 officers who make up the advance party of the African contingent, which will set out for the Caribbean nation on May 22, although it could be earlier.

Many of these soldiers – points out the newspaper Haiti Libre – have the reputation of fighting the terrorist group Al-Shabaab on the border between Kenya and Somalia.

Recently, the United States ambassador to Haiti, Dennis Hankins, declared that this force from the African continent will be the first to deploy here at the end of this month.

So far, seven countries in Africa, Asia and the Caribbean have shown their willingness to provide men for the Multinational Security Support Mission, which will combat gangs in Haiti.

Kenya – which offered to lead the operations -, Benin and Chad among the Africans; Bahamas, Jamaica and Barbados among the Caribbean countries, as well as Bangladesh. Suriname recently announced that it will send a group of troops.

However, local media reported that Washington has successfully landed many military ships at the Toussaint Louverture International Airport since April, so Kenya is actually not the first country to deploy.

More than 100 aircraft from the Air Force and leased by the North American Department of State are scheduled to arrive.

Washington – some media recall – is considered here to be the culprit of the economic, political and social chaos experienced by the Caribbean country in which it intervened militarily in 1915 and supposedly abandoned it in 1934.

Most of the weapons and ammunition used by gang members who torment the population come from the United States.


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