Weight loss diets that can be harmful to health, avoid them

Weight loss diets that can be harmful to health, avoid them
Weight loss diets that can be harmful to health, avoid them

Experts point out that most diets that are recommended on the internet result in short-term weight loss that is not sustainable. Believing in miraculous regimens generates a ‘yo-yo’ effect that, unlike waiting for a desired result, the opposite occurs.

It is important that when undergoing any routine, you should consult with a nutritionist to design a plan appropriate to your needs. Remember that each body acts differently and several people cannot follow the same training.

According to the magazine ‘Metabolism and Balance’, people usually want to have results in a short time, so they access diets that, although they seem to have had some effect, it is only a matter of days for the low energy intake to show the truth. .

“Most diets are low in carbohydrates or calories, and nutritionally very one-sided. This is the reason for the yo-yo effect. In this type of diet the body extracts its own proteins, that is, it uses its reserves: muscle protein.”explains the site.

In fact, specialists say that restricting food only teaches a bad eating habit. Even if the person drinks several liquids, not eating the necessary food can cause dehydration and other complications such as constipation.

​”Focus on long-term sustainable strategies to implement eating habits regulated with a variety of food options without unnecessary restrictions will make a comprehensive diet and maintaining a healthy weight a true part of our way of life,” details the Lindner Center of Hope Clinic.

These are the diets that put your health at risk

In an article published by ‘WebMD’, a health information network in the United States, specialist Kathleen M. Zelman talks about some diets that have become popular, but that put health at risk.

​According to her, there are some methods that include reducing food intake, eating raw food and doing some unusual procedures, such as adding cotton to food.

Be careful with diets that give you results in a few days.


The raw food diet

In this diet, people choose to eat raw foods, such as eggs, meats, and chicken, and prefer to eat plants. This method is a way to avoid cooking food, adding seasoning, or sautéing. However, the expert points out that eating these foods defies dietary guidelines.

“People who eat exclusivelye raw foods end up with low levels of important nutrients like vitamin B-12. Also, it is difficult to get the calories your body needs. You may lose weight at first. But you’re probably not feeling your best,” he explains.

The Cabbage Soup Diet

Zelman details that eating only soups is not a good idea. Although some preparations contain healthy ingredients, not allowing solid foods has an adverse effect.

For this reason, he recommends the importance of adding meat or chicken to the dish. Unlike eating only cabbage broth. “Eating this much will put your body into “starvation mode,” which can slow down your metabolism. This won’t help you lose weight and will make you hungry,” he says.

Other diets that do not favor the body

  • Apple Cider Vinegar Diet: The specialist explains that some people say they drink vinegar a little before meals to curb their appetite and burn fat. However, following this diet can prevent insulin and some blood pressure medications from working as they should.
  • HCG Diet: This is a hormone produced by the placenta during pregnancy and several products are marketed that promise to lose weight. “Studies show that it does not help you lose weight and can have side effects. It can make you feel very tired, in a bad mood, restless or depressed,” stresses Zelman.
  • Cotton ball diet: They consist of a person using a cotton ball and adding it to some food. The most common is to soak in juices and eat at the same time. “The idea is that they fill your stomach so you eat less and lose weight. But the risks are suffocation, intestinal blockages and consumption of harmful chemicals,” she says.

It is important not to follow any ‘miracle’ diet that promises results in a few days. If you start any routine, consult with your family doctor to formulate plans focused on your needs.

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