Sensitive images: crocodile walked with the corpse of a man it killed in Mexico

Local police in Tampico, Mexico, said the man had ignored warnings not to go swimming in the lagoon.

In Mexico, a crocodile was captured carrying the body of a man over the water. Taken from the internet / VANGUARDIA

Yesterday, August 18, a man residing in the city of Tampico, Tamaulipas (Mexico), died after being attacked by a crocodile in the Laguna Carpintero sector.

This event, which was witnessed by several people, happened in Tampico, after a citizen entered ‘Carpenter’s Lagoon‘ to bathe, but was attacked by the reptile.

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Although the event took place on August 18, 2023, the video has come to life on social networks due to frequent incidents similar to this one that occur at the location.

Apparently, the subject who was attacked by the animal entered an area that is being rehabilitated within the park and did not realize its presence until it was too late.

In the footage shared by several users on social networks, some explicit images can be seen that show the corpse floating in the water and the crocodile calmly walking through the lagoon.. The shocked reactions were immediate and many cannot explain how the attack happened.

Some versions indicate that the man, who was without clothing on the upper and lower part of his body, would have ignored the different warning signs in the area that indicate the presence of reptiles and this resulted in the unfortunate episode.

Police said the body was that of a man believed to be in his 20s. Local firefighters discovered the animal and the man under a sewer one block from the park in the Tampico neighborhood of Volantín, Mexican newspaper Proceso reported.

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It took rescuers an hour to remove the metal cover of the sewage before they were able to tie a rope around the crocodile’s mouth and pull it out. They then proceeded to remove the man’s body from the drainage system.

The lagoon is famous for crocodile attacks, of which many people are victims.

Finally, the Madero City administration reported that they will take measures to relocate the reptiles found in the area and thus avoid new attacks by people who pass through these places.

The authorities also established that the crocodile that killed the man walked with the body through a canal towards Arenal Street in the Volantín neighborhood in the municipality of Tampico.

The incident occurred two weeks after Fernando Martínez fought a crocodile for almost 25 minutes after the reptile bit his eight-year-old daughter María Martínez and tried to drag her under a lagoon in the Tamaulipas town of Altamira.

Fernando Martínez was fishing and María Martínez was standing on the shore of the lake when the reptile attacked her on the afternoon of May 3.

‘I was fighting with the crocodile for about 25 minutes, several times it pulled my daughter to submerge her,’ he recalled in an interview with the digital media Tamaulipas Express. ‘”I tried to open its mouth to let it go, it bit its back and one arm, at one point the animal needed to breathe well and that’s how it let go, I took the opportunity to get it off of me”, he recounted.

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Last June, a drunken man was nearly dragged by a crocodile into a lagoon in the Gulf state of Tabasco after attacking the reptile’s nest of eggs.

Last June, a woman was murdered while reportedly washing clothes on the shore of the same Tampico lagoon. Shocked onlookers saw the crocodile swimming with the woman’s corpse in its jaws.

In October 2020, a crocodile chased a man swimming in the lagoon before dragging him underwater and killing him.

The unnamed man, believed to be between 50 and 60 years old, reportedly ignored a sign warning people not to swim in the area.

Detail of a crocodile. EFE / VANGUARDIA
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