The deaths in Gaza exceed 36,000, with 66 in the last day after Israel’s massacre in a refugee camp in Rafah

The deaths in Gaza exceed 36,000, with 66 in the last day after Israel’s massacre in a refugee camp in Rafah
The deaths in Gaza exceed 36,000, with 66 in the last day after Israel’s massacre in a refugee camp in Rafah

The deaths in Gaza reached 36,050 this Monday, after 66 people were killed by Israeli fire in the last 24 hours, 45 of them in the bombing of a refugee camp in Rafah (southern Gaza) last nightaccording to the Ministry of Health of the enclave, controlled by Hamas.

Of the 45 deaths recorded in the massacre of the devastated territory south of the Strip, twenty-three are women, children or the elderly.

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Besides, In the last 24 hours, 383 people were injured, 249 of them in Rafah, bringing the total number to 81,026 since October 7.

The Ministry of Health in Gaza, under Hamas control, assures that, in addition, some 10,000 bodies remain under the rubble without ambulances or rescue teams being able to access them.

Israeli attacks on Rafah have not stopped despite the order of the International Court of Justice.

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Rafah continues to be the focus of the Israeli offensive despite the order of the International Court of Justice, issued on Friday, for the “immediate” halt of the operation in said territory, but this latest attack has triggered a new wave of reactions that They call for the cessation of hostilities.

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The chief prosecutor of the Israeli Army, Yifat Tomer Yerushalmi, acknowledged this Monday that The bombing of an evacuee camp in Rafah, south of Gaza, was “very serious,” he declared in an intervention before Israeli lawyers.

Yerushalmi assured that the armed forces are carrying out an investigation into the “incident”, which affected a “safe area” which the Army had not ordered to evacuate yet, as it had done with areas east and south of Rafah.

A Palestinian and his children sit in a destroyed room after an Israeli airstrike on a residential building in Rafah.


Nearly a million people have fled this border city with Egypt, most to the west, to the beaches of Al Mawasi, where they are overcrowded and without sanitation services or drinking water.

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For its part, Hamas called for “escalation of public activities of anger and pressure to stop the aggression and genocidal war” in the wake of these attacks not only in Gaza, but also in the West Bank and Jerusalem.

Fatah, the secular party that heads the Palestinian National Authority that governs the West Bank, accused “the American Administration and some European countries” of being “partners in this massacre that targeted defenseless children, women and the elderly.”

We continue resisting. Eating one meal a day and drinking unhealthy water.

Humanitarian organizations such as Doctors Without Borders (MSF) and the UN agency for Palestinian refugees, which operate in Rafah, also described what happened as “a bloody night” and “terrifying.”

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Meanwhile, the Israeli Army maintained its operations in the rest of Gaza. In Jabalia, to the north, the military reported destroying numerous military targets and eliminating militants.

In this city, the military maintains the siege against the Al Awda hospital for the ninth day, the last operation in northern Gaza.

“We continue to resist. Eating one meal a day and drinking unhealthy water,” Mohammed Salha, acting director of the hospital, told Efe, who remains in the center along with 26 other people after the military ordered the evacuation of Al Awda.

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In Gaza City, The Army bombed the west causing four deaths.

In addition, the armed forces attacked the Nuseirat refugee camp in the center of the Strip early this morning, killing three people and leaving several wounded, Wafa said without specifying how many.

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