Pope Francis said there is already a lot of “faggot” in seminaries

Pope Francis said there is already a lot of “faggot” in seminaries
Pope Francis said there is already a lot of “faggot” in seminaries

In a meeting with the Italian bishops, the Pope rejected allowing homosexuals to enter or be in seminaries because “There is already a lot of faggot”say local media

He Corriere della Sera and other Italian media published this afternoon that the Pope said that “there was already a lot of faggot” referring to Catholic seminaries and defended the official position of the Church that does not admit homosexuals in seminaries.

Francisco, who is Argentine, I use the Italian word “frocciagine” for faggot in a meeting with the Italian bishops on May 20,

The “Corriere” noted that “It is evident that the Pope was not aware of how offensive the Italian term for that word.”

In the pontiff’s meeting with the bishops, some participants, hiding behind anonymity, were talking about whether there was the possibility of admitting openly homosexual candidates to the seminaries.

Pope Francis greets in St. Peter’s Square. ANSA Photo

According to the newspaper “La Repubblica”, The Pope commented that “there is already a lot of queerness” in the seminaries, although he reiterated his opinion of welcoming everyone, he was very rigid, reiterating that the Church on several occasions has been against the admission.

The Pope reiterated the Church’s position by recalling an instruction from the Clergy Dicastery in 2005, at the time of Benedict XVI, which established that the Church, “deeply respecting the people in question, cannot admit to the seminary and the orders sacred to those who practice homosexuality, have tendencies homosexuals or support the so-called gay culture.”

In 2016 Francisco confirmed this official position of the Church.

There it is stated that “the Church cannot admit to the seminary and to sacred orders those who practice homosexuality, present deeply rooted homosexual tendencies or support the so-called gay culture.”

One of the main objectives of the decision is to prevent No one prefers to take refuge in the priesthood to hide their own sexual condition.

The meeting

The 2005 instruction confirmed by Francis eleven years later is that the future priest be qualified “to place himself in a correct relationship with men and women, developing in him a true sense of spiritual paternity in relation to the ecclesial community that will be entrusted to him.” .

Pope Francis’ meeting with the Italian bishops took place on Monday the 20th behind closed doors, as usual. But the French newspaper “La Coix” and the Italian “República” They filtered some of the issues addressed.

One of the bishops asked him what to do if an openly homosexual person asked him to enter the seminary. Precisely this is a hot topic because a new regulation has been developed for seminarians.

The text is currently being studied by the Vatican for approval and Francis would have told the bishops that it is better not ordain anyone with homosexual tendencies.

“It is better to lose a vocation than to face the problems caused by these situations,” the Pope reportedly told the Italian bishops.

He also told them that he is concerned that those who have the problem They end up leading a double life, suffering from dissimulation but continuing with the practice of homosexuality.

In the closed-door meeting, he would have asked the bishops that if they make decisions to exclude homosexuals, they should accompany the rejected young people as best as possible.

It was at this moment in his speech that he warned them that he perceived “too much of a sissy atmosphere” in Italian seminaries, using the offensive vulgar Italian term “frocciagine.”

In November, at the assembly of Assisi, the Italian bishops approved a text to regulate admission to seminaries, the ‘Ratioformationis sacerdotalis’, which has not yet been published because the green light is awaited from the Holy See. and which includes an amendment that maintained the distinction between simple homosexual orientation and the so-called “deeply rooted trends”, That is to say, a homosexual can be admitted as long as he gives guarantees, like a heterosexual, that he knows how to maintain the discipline of celibacy.

However, the pope would have, according to these reconstructions, rejected this possibility and homosexuals should not be admitted to seminaries without nuances.

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