Grandmas’ advice: this is how you have to wash your jeans if you want them to last much longer

The jeans For many people, they are their favorite clothes. Street Stylesince they can be combined with various clothes throughout the year, which is why they are suitable for both going to a romantic dinner and getting together with friends.

In addition, professional stylists assure that jeans are practical when it comes to dressing, they never go out of style and are a comfortable option to avoid spending more after lasting much longer than other types of traditional fabrics.

Leave your jeans clean, fresh and with greater durability.

However, it is necessary to highlight that the jeans require special care in each wash and, for this reason, we bring you the infallible advice of grandmothers to clean your pants correctly and achieve greater durability around their fabric.

To do this, it is necessary to know in depth about some secrets related to both the care of the fabric and the cleaning process. Pay attention to the step by step that we will show you below and share these tips with those friends who need it.

Check the correct washing process.

How to wash your jeans correctly and make them last much longer:

  • The first recommendation is not to wash the jeans every time we use it, since this can easily damage the fabric and lasts less time.
  • You have to turn your jeans before putting them in the washing machine to extend their useful life. Check your pockets carefully to prevent any extra items from escaping.
  • Set the wash cycle to cold water and never put your jeans composed with other clothes. This could fade your jeans.
Spray your favorite fabric fragrance on your jeans when they are clean.
  • Wash with a mild soap and, in the rinse box, add white vinegar to better preserve the colors and eliminate bad odors/dirt.
  • Remember that this cleaning product can easily replace fabric softener and, once the clothes are dried, it is no longer left with its peculiar and distinctive smell.
  • The last advice from grandmothers is to lay your jeans clean in the shade and outdoors as much as possible. Ready, you know how to take better care of them.
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