Video| Tragedy in India: fire at amusement park and children’s hospital leaves dozens dead

Video| Tragedy in India: fire at amusement park and children’s hospital leaves dozens dead
Video| Tragedy in India: fire at amusement park and children’s hospital leaves dozens dead

The two fires occurred during the strong heat wave that is going through India, with temperatures of up to 46 ºC.

Rescue workers carry a victim after a fire broke out at an amusement park in Rajkot in the Indian state of Gujarat on May 25, 2024. At least 16 people died, most of them children, when A fire broke out in a crowded amusement park. EFE/

In a tragic incident in western India, 27 people, including four minors, lost their lives last Saturday in a fire at an amusement park.

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Additionally, in a hospital in the capital, six children did not survive another fire. Unfortunately, these types of disasters are common in the country.

The fire broke out in a park in Rajkot, a city in the state of Gujarat. According to Police Commissioner Raju Bhargava, the fire has been brought under control and rescue work is underway.

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More than 300 people were in the damaged structure. “We confirm the death of 27 people”, including four children under 12 years of age”said police spokesperson Radhika Bharai.

“The bodies were burned beyond recognition, making their identification difficult,” he added.

The park is usually full of families with children enjoying the summer school holidays over the weekend.

Video shows firefighters clearing debris around the tin-roofed structures that media reported were used for bowling, go-karts and trampoline rides.

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The amusement park was the private property of Yuvraj Singh Solanki. Bhargava announced that the police will file a negligence case against him.

Police are collecting “DNA samples from the remains” to identify the victims, local authorities specified.

Fires are frequent in India due to the poor condition of buildings, overcrowding and non-compliance with safety regulations.

Also on Saturday night, May 25, a fire broke out in a children’s hospital in New Delhi, the New Born Baby Care in the Vivek Vihar district, in which six babies died.

Rescuers removed 12 newborns and took them to a nearby hospital, but five of them died from smoke inhalation, said fire official Atul Garg.

“We will record a crime of negligence and the deaths that have occurred. “Further investigations will be carried out once we complete the rescue operation.”he claimed.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi wrote in X that he was “extremely distressed by the fire… in Rajkot. My thoughts are with all those who have lost loved ones. Prayers for the injured.”

Fires are common in India, where builders and residents often flout building laws and safety codes.

The two fires occurred as northern India is gripped by intense heat, with temperatures reaching 46.8C in New Delhi on Saturday, May 25.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi offered his condolences, “at this incredibly difficult time,” to those who lost their babies. A native of the state of Gujarat, he also declared himself “extremely saddened by the fire in Rajkot.”

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Near the rubble of the amusement park, where smoke was still billowing Sunday, the mother and sister of Asha Kathad, a 20-year-old park worker, desperately waited for news of her.

“We don’t know anything about her.”lamented the mother, very nervous.

“People were trapped when a temporary structure collapsed near the entrance, making it difficult to get out.”“explained an official, Ilesh Kher, pointing out that there were many people at the venue because it was a summer vacation weekend.

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