The rains caused blackouts and 15 deaths

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In addition, the storm also hit a wedding celebration in Oklahoma, where guests were injured because the celebration was outdoors.

Blasting of roofs, damage to vehicles and infrastructure, and dozens of homes were left without electricity due to lack of supply were also recorded in that state. of two deaths of Mayes County, Oklahoma residents.

In Arkansas recorded five more deathsand Sunday A man was crushed to death by a tree that fell in the path of the storms in the town of LouisvilleKentucky, also in the southern United States.

Ray Sappington, sheriff of Cooke County, Texas, told the AP that between 60 and 80 people took shelter at a highway truck stop when the storm devastated the area north of Dallas, but there were no serious injuries.

The 15 deaths over the weekend are added to those that occurred a month ago in different similar episodes, such as the five recorded in Iowa, in the mid-eastern United States, which is experiencing a season plagued by tornadoes.


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