At 102, She Still Runs Her Three Businesses: Deborah Szekely’s Secrets to a Long and Successful Life

At 102, She Still Runs Her Three Businesses: Deborah Szekely’s Secrets to a Long and Successful Life
At 102, She Still Runs Her Three Businesses: Deborah Szekely’s Secrets to a Long and Successful Life

Deborah Szekely often interacts with nature and with guests who visit her ranch. (La Puerta Ranch)

At 102 years old, Deborah Szekely He is a true inspiration to many. The tireless entrepreneur not only recently turned this impressive age, but she continues to work three times a week at the wellness resort and spa she co-founded in 1940. In an interview with CNBCthe woman shared the three daily habits that, according to her, have been the secret to her longevity and vitality.

“I’ve always tried to walk a mile a day, and we count our steps so we know when we’re there,” Szekely said. He explained that he cannot take an afternoon nap if he has not met his daily steps. “It’s not rigid at all, it’s just something you do, like waking up in the morning,” he added.

Her advice is to find active friends to make daily exercise easier. She herself goes for a walk with a Catholic nun friend. “She shows up and we go out,” she commented, laughing. Although her physical activity is no longer as intense as when she was young, she stays active with low-intensity walks and movements, a common habit among the world’s oldest people.

In his youth, Szekely She used to ride her bike to school and practiced Pilates regularly as an adult. Owning a wellness resort also helped her prioritize her exercise.

Centennial businesswoman Deborah Szekely, founder of La Puerta ranch in 1940, poses smiling on one of the trails. (La Puerta Ranch)

Since she was a child, the businesswoman has followed a mainly plant-based diet. “I’m a pescetarian and, fortunately, I’ve never eaten meat because of my parents,” she noted. Her eating habits resemble the Mediterranean diet, rich in whole grains, fruits, vegetables and fish.

A typical breakfast for Szekely It consists of yogurt, a banana and whole grains. At lunch, he always includes a salad, although when he goes out to restaurants he likes to try new things. At dinner, choose between fish, salads, baked potatoes or discover new dishes. In the early days of her resort, she cooked and managed the farm herself, incorporating fresh foods into the menus she served.

Deborah Szekely’s daughter presides over the ranch leadership. (La Puerta Ranch)

With a busy social schedule, the woman attends the theater, the opera and celebrations. “I have subscriptions for all the works presented by the Old Globe Theater in San Diego”, she commented enthusiastically. In addition, every Wednesday she offers talks at her resort and meets with guests several times a week.

This businesswoman is always looking to learn more: she speaks four languages ​​and immerses herself in different cultures. “My German is rusty, but my French is excellent because I think a lot in that language and dream in French. I also speak Spanish every day,” she shared. According to longevity research, people who reach age 80 or older learn something new every day.

If there is a message that Szekely I would like to leave, is: “The main thing is to keep learning.” This woman exemplifies that staying active, both physically and mentally, is key to a full and long life. At 102 years old, her mind remains as agile as her body, proving that age is just a number when cultivating healthy habits.

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