Brazil withdraws its ambassador to Israel after strong political tensions with Tel Aviv

Brazil withdraws its ambassador to Israel after strong political tensions with Tel Aviv
Brazil withdraws its ambassador to Israel after strong political tensions with Tel Aviv
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The Brazilian ambassador to Israel, Frederico Meyer, who had initially been called for consultations since February, will withdraw from Tel Aviv. This occurs in the midst of the diplomatic crisis triggered by the announcements made by the country’s president, Luis Inácio Lula da Silva, where he accused the Israeli government of committing genocide in Gaza.

The conditions have not been met “for him to return” to Israel, the Brazilian Foreign Ministry said this Wednesday, while announcing that its Ambassador Meyer will not return to Israel. Following Lula’s accusations made in February, Israel declared him “persona non grata” and now, in view of the escalation of violence between the two nations, they considered it pertinent to keep the ambassador on Brazilian territory.

The tension between Israel and Brazil goes back a long way, because after the accusations that Lula made, Ambassador Meyer was summoned to the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial center in Jerusalem and received public reprimands in Hebrew and without a translator.

Brazil took such events as a “humiliation” to the diplomat and after this he called him for consultations and summoned the Israeli representative in Brasilia to remind him that “in international diplomacy there is no reprimanding of ambassadors in front of the media.”

Brazil has been one of the strongest voices in speaking out against Israel’s military offensive in Gaza, and this was one of the first Latin American countries to recognize the Palestinian State. Decision that was made in 2010 and that motivated other countries in the region to grant said recognition.

Last week, the leftist president Lula da Silva celebrated the decision of Spain, Ireland and Norway to recognize the Palestinian State and considered that this is a fact that will promote peace “efforts” in the Middle East.

The Brazilian representation in Israel will remain in the hands of the chargé d’affaires at the embassy, ​​Fabio Farias. MeanwhileLula’s government will not appoint a new ambassador until further notice.

For its part, the Israeli Foreign Ministry said in a statement that it had not received “official notification on the matter,” and announced that Farias will be summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for a meeting on the issue.

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