Juan Camilo Merlano reveals that Biden’s rambling video at G7 was manipulated

Video about Joe Biden at the G7 was manipulated
Video about Joe Biden at the G7 was manipulated.

In a world where misinformation spreads at breakneck speed, the work of journalists becomes crucial to separate fact from fiction.

A recent discovery made by Juan Camilo Merlano, a reporter for Noticias Caracol in the United States, has revealed the manipulation of a G7 video in which President Joe Biden appears disoriented.

This finding not only refutes the accusations of “senile old man’s role,” but also highlights the importance of verifying the veracity of viral content.

The viral video and its context

The video in question shows a moment in which the G7 leaders applaud the display of paratroopers.

At one point, Biden appears to walk away from the group, and Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni guides him back for the group photo. This clip was quickly shared and commented on on social networks, generating ridicule and criticism about the mental capacity of the president of the United States.

However, Merlano delved into the analysis of the material, unraveling the real narrative behind these images.

Evidence and analysis

1. Context of the paratroopers: At the event, several paratroopers descended with the flags of the G7 countries. Among them was the American flag, a detail captured in photographs of the event.

2. Video sequence: In a specific sequence of the video, a paratrooper is seen landing with the G7 flag, while in the background paratroopers from France and the United States are seen.

3. Biden interaction: Biden separates from the group and gestures to one of the paratroopers. Although only the French paratrooper is visible in the shot, the American paratrooper was also present, as shown in the previous photos.

4. Key moment: As the leaders line up for the photo, Biden exchanges words with the American paratrooper he had sought out earlier. This exchange of words is evident in the video, where he is also seen greeting another skydiver.

Merlano’s analysis reveals that Biden was not disoriented or lost; he was interacting with the paratroopers, particularly the American. This context is crucial to understanding Biden’s behavior and disproving accusations that he was confused or lost.

Biden, like any public figure, is under constant scrutiny and is susceptible to both errors and malicious manipulations. On this occasion, Merlano has shown that the truth can be discovered through careful analysis and diligent investigation.

The lesson here is clear: What we see in a viral video is not always the complete truth. It is imperative to question, investigate and verify to avoid falling victim to misinformation.

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