The plans of Felipe VI and Letizia on the tenth anniversary of their reign: an unprecedented image and prominence for Leonor and Sofía

The plans of Felipe VI and Letizia on the tenth anniversary of their reign: an unprecedented image and prominence for Leonor and Sofía
The plans of Felipe VI and Letizia on the tenth anniversary of their reign: an unprecedented image and prominence for Leonor and Sofía

Kings Felipe VI and Letizia, together with their daughters, on the day of their proclamation. (Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

The Kings Philip VI and Letizia They celebrate this Wednesday, June 19, the tenth anniversary of their accession to the throne. On the occasion of this very special date, Casa Real has revealed the events that will commemorate the first decade of the reign of the monarch and his wife, a celebration in which his daughters, the Princess Eleanor and the Infanta Sofiawill have a special role in their return to Zarzuela.

Leonor has just finished her first year of training at the General Military Academy of Zaragoza, while Sofía has already finished the first of her two International Baccalaureate courses at the UWC Atlantic College in Wales. Thus, the two sisters have returned home to enjoy their Summer Vacationalthough before that they will star in several institutional events to mark the 10 years of their parents’ reign.

A decade after the coronation of Felipe VI and Letizia, the kings and their daughters will once again star in a historic image, going out to the balcony of the Royal Palace to witness the solemn relief of the Royal Guard. Unlike the 2014 event, this time it is not expected that the emeritus kings will attend, Juan Carlos and Sofiawho were on the balcony after the proclamation of the new monarch.

The day of the tenth anniversary of the reign of Felipe VI will begin with the parade of units of the three armies and the Civil Guard along Madrid’s Calle Mayor to the Patio de la Armería of the Royal Palace, where they will relieve the Royal Guard. The kings and their two daughters will be exceptional spectators of this moment from the balcony located in front of the Almudena Cathedralwhere they married on May 22, 2004.

Kings Felipe VI and Letizia, Princess Leonor and Infanta Sofía, on the day of the monarch’s proclamation. (Andreas Rentz/Getty Images)

Subsequently, there will be delivery of decorations of the Order of Civil Merit as recognition from the Crown “to those who carry out their life and ordinary professional work in an exemplary manner, at the service of society,” as reported by Casa Real. The event will be held in the Hall of Columns of the Royal Palace and will include, among its attendees, the President of the Government, Pedro Sanchezthe highest representatives of the rest of the powers of the State and those who have presided over constitutional bodies since 2014, advances EFE.

Next, Kings Felipe and Letizia, Princess Leonor and Infanta Sofía will offer a lunch in the gala dining room of the palace, an event in which the decorated citizens will stand among the authorities as a symbol of recognition of their contribution to society.

Infanta Sofía and Princess Leonor, in an archive photograph. (Europa Press)

In the afternoon, the spotlight will fall on Leonor and Sofía, who They will tour the Gallery of the Royal Collections together with a group of 40 young people between 17 and 20 years old who have participated in the editions of the contest ‘What is a king for you?’, organized by the Spanish Institutional Foundation (FIES).

The appointed day will end with a Royal Guard band concert in the Plaza de Oriente, an event that will be open to the public and will be closed by the violinist Ara Malikian from one of the balconies of the Royal Palace.

On Thursday the 20th, Felipe and Letizia will inaugurate the ‘Philip VI 2014-2024′ exhibition at the palace. A decade of history of the Crown of Spain’, an exhibition that will cover these 10 years of reign through twenty large photos.

The journalist and writer Sonsoles Ónega greets Kings Felipe VI and Letizia at the Royal Palace of Madrid. (EFE)

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