It was the most evil city in the world and today it is underwater

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The evil city under water

Many must have heard of the city from Port Royal, it is even mentioned in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean, what many do not know is its history.

Port Royal was the city seat of the British government in Jamaica and one of the main ones in the area due to its fishing and commercial base. However, it was also the meeting center for a large number of pirates, since its location was key and its bay was enormous.

In fact, by 1660, the city It was known as “the Sodom of the New World”, since most of the inhabitants were pirates and the women were prostitutes. But this would not doubt long.

Just as if it were a biblical punishment, the city of Port Royal was destroyed by an earthquake, a tsunami and the subsidence of ground sand. It was June 7, 1692 and more than half of the city was sunk in the Caribbean Sea. About 2 thousand people died in that disaster.

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The present of the evil city under water

More than 400 years after the city of Port Royal will remain underwater, the remains of the city can still be seen. In fact, it is considered one of the best preserved underwater cities in the world and anyone can visit it, but first they must obtain a permit from the Jamaican authorities, since it is part of their territory.

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