Shocking train crash in India left eight dead and dozens injured

Health personnel, rescuers and firefighters went to the scene to attend to the emergency that occurred near the Himalayas.

The train crash occurred near the Himalayas.

A shocking train crash occurred east of the Indianear the Himalayas, left at least eight dead and several dozen injured. The incident that occurred due to the collision between a formation that transported goods and another with passengers was of such magnitude that one of the cars was placed diagonally on top of another.

Doctors, rescuers and ambulances were working at the scene of the incident, in the state of West Bengal, according to the state’s chief minister, Mamata Banerjee, on the social network the foot of the Himalayas.

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According to information provided by Northeast Frontier Railway spokesperson Sabyasachi De, around 50 people had to be hospitalized. She detailed that three of the eight dead were railway workers.

The load of one of the trains left the railway track.

The images that rescuers encountered when they arrived at the scene of the incident soon went viral. One train was wedged against the end of the other formation, while another car was left suspended in the air.. Many people were seen at the scene, where rescuers were searching through the remains. The driver of the freight train did not obey a signal and caused the accident, the company spokesperson said. Due to the violent impact, four cars at the rear of the passenger train derailed.

The Kanchanjunga Express is a daily train that connects the state of West Bengal with cities in the northeast of the country. It often carries tourists traveling to the Darjeeling hill station, popular at this time of year when many Indian cities suffer from high temperatures.

Firefighters, rescuers and trained personnel work at the scene of the incident.
Firefighters, rescuers and trained personnel work at the scene of the incident.

More than 12 million people travel daily on 14,000 trains in India, which has 64,000 kilometers (40,000 miles) of track. Despite the government’s efforts to improve railway safety, hundreds of accidents occur every year. Most are attributed to human error or outdated signaling equipment. More than 280 people died last year in a train accident in eastern India, one of the worst accidents of its kind in the country in several decades.

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