Embargo on Griffa Academy Central for 500 million pesos

Embargo on Griffa Academy Central for 500 million pesos
Embargo on Griffa Academy Central for 500 million pesos

Central received an embargo of about 500 million pesos on behalf of the Sports Academy (former Griffa Academy) by the percentage of the sale of Giovani Lo Celso to Paris Saint-Germain in 2016. The club has not made it official yet, but it turned out that it is only an embargo on one of the institution’s accounts and not an inhibition on the pass book.

In Central They estimated that these days an adverse ruling could emerge in this specific case, the one that finally appeared. It has a strong impact on Arroyito due to the amount that the Sports Academy claims.

The sale of Gio Lo Celso to Paris Saint-Germain It was in July 2016, after a great year and a half that he had in the team that he directed at that time. Eduardo Coudet. When that happened Gio I was with the team that was going to compete in the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games. However, the agreement contemplated that the offensive midfielder would stay six more months, until the end of 2016.


Lo Celso debuted at Central del Chacho Coudet and in just over a year he went to European football.

Until then, Central’s best sale in history

It was, until that moment, the most important in the history of Central, until last year when the Alejo Veliz to Tottenham from England. The truth is that of that sum (close to 12 million euros), the Griffa Academy I had to collect the percentage.

The leadership that transferred to Lo Celsus was the one who commanded Raul Broglia, although the player arrived at the club with the previous commission, in charge of Norberto Speciale. At that time an agreement was signed that if sold, the Griffa Academy I was to receive a percentage. Some years later, and with another board in charge of the club, the sale was completed and the debt was never paid. There was an attempt to pay it, but the Academy was going through a restructuring process regarding its owners and it was not possible. An agreement was signed that was ultimately not fulfilled.

This is what led now to the Academy to place an embargo on Central for 500 million pesos, which the club will have to face, especially if in addition to the embargo there is inhibition on the transfer market.

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