He was driving drunk and hit two cyclists near a US airport.


Two cyclists were hit by a driver who was driving drunk in the vicinity of the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, in the state of Texas, USA. Although the accident occurred last Monday, the video recorded by a camera installed in the backpack of another man who was participating in the outdoor activity, it was known this Wednesday after going viral on the social network. x.

The protagonist of the incident, identified as Benjamin Hylander (31), was driving a 2020 Subaru Forester pickup truck with 0.15 g/l blood alcoholaccording to the police report from the airport authorities, reported the local media Fort Worth Star. As the recording shows, Hylander, who works for the cargo team of American Airlines, He quickly approached behind the two victims, first running over one of them and then doing the same with the other. near the intersection of North Airfield Drive and Freeport Parkway.

After the impact, and while both were lying on the asphalt, the driver He ran over the second cyclist using the front and rear wheels of his truck and fled the crime scene.

The Dallas-Fort Worth Police found the attacked cyclists only at 6:00 p.m. (local time) and after chasing Hylander to a nearby gas station, They insisted that he return to the scene of the accident and take responsibility for his actions.

In front of the authorities, the subject He apologized to the two injured and answered some questions. He claimed that he had drunk only one beer. However, when security forces searched the vehicle, They found at least six empty cans on the passenger seat. At the end of the day, the shot was retained as evidence. Hylander, for his part, referred to a correctional center with two counts of intoxication assault.

Thomas Geppert (69) and Deborah Eads (65), the victims of the attack, received medical attention “serious lacerations”. While Geppert needed to be hospitalized at Baylor Scott & White Medical Center in Grapevine, Eads’ injuries were treated by paramedics in the street.

The protagonist of the incident, identified as Benjamin Hylander (31), was driving a 2020 Subaru Forester truck with 0.15 g/l of alcohol in his blood.

Last September, a video published on social networks showed an accident in which A 17-year-old boy ran over and killed a cyclist in the northeast valley of Las Vegas. The teenager faced murder charges and, previously, had committed a series of crimes from which he also escaped.

In accordance with 8 News Now, the incident occurred in mid-August shortly after six a.m. on Tenaya Way, north of Centennial Parkway. Evidence found at the site and witness statements indicated that The victim, 64, was on his bicycle and was heading north.

Police reported that the driver of a Hyundai car was heading north on Tenaya Way, at high speed, after abandoning another accident from which he had escaped. A film showed the moment in which the teenager approached the man on a bicycle and hit him from behind.

When officers arrived at the scene, they found the subject with serious injuries and took him to the hospital, where he eventually died. In an update, the authorities indicated that the young man was traveling at high speed and that he intentionally ran over the cyclist from behind, and then left the area.

After a detailed investigation and after analyzing the images, the police found and arrested the driver of a Hyundai. Additionally, it was determined that the vehicle involved was stolen. and that the young man was fleeing from another hit-and-run. Authorities confirmed that he was involved in other robberies that same day.


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