They denounce death due to torture of 36 Gazans in Israeli prisons

They denounce death due to torture of 36 Gazans in Israeli prisons
They denounce death due to torture of 36 Gazans in Israeli prisons

In a statement, they noted that the figure is added to the 18 citizens of the West Bank who have lost their lives in prisons in the neighboring nation since October 7 of last year, when the current cycle of violence broke out.

The text accused Israel of committing crimes against humanity in its prisons, including the forced disappearance of inmates.

The prisons became mass graves for thousands of people, warned the document, which criticized international institutions such as the Red Cross for not acting in this situation.

According to the testimonies of numerous recently released detainees, methods of torture and inhuman and degrading treatment are systematic in these facilities.

He cited among these practices, beatings, systematic starvation, sleep deprivation, lack of medical care, the use of dogs to threaten and exposure to low temperatures.

One of the methods of torture is to invite officials and civilians to witness such mistreatment during interrogations as a form of insult and humiliation, he stressed.

The Palestinian Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners Affairs Authority this week condemned Israeli torture against citizens arrested in the Gaza Strip.

The media advisor of that institution, Hassan Abd Rabbo, criticized the authorities of the neighboring country for preventing the publication of any information about the conditions of the detainees.

In statements to the Safa news agency, Abd Rabbo explained that the deaths of Palestinians in these prisons and penitentiary centers are known through the Israeli press.

“We, as an organization, the Red Cross and the lawyers, did not receive any information,” he warned.

As an example, he cited the case of Dr. Iyad Al-Rantisi, head of the maternity department at Kamal Adwan Hospital, who allegedly died in a prison, as announced two days ago by the newspaper Haaretz.

A few days ago, the president of the Palestinian Legislative Council, Abdel Aziz Dweik, denounced the torture to which he was subjected in Israeli prisons and stated that they were unprecedented.

After his release after eight months locked up, Dweik, 75, stated that the Negev prison, located in southern Israel, is the worst in the world.

Days earlier, the Euro-Mediterranean Observatory for Human Rights revealed testimonies of Palestinians tortured in Israeli prisons and detention centers in recent months.

Quoted by the organization, Samir Abdullah Jamal Marjan, 23, said he suffered beatings, electric shocks, insults and an attempt to inject him with unknown substances.

In Ashkelon prison the situation was worse. I was in an isolation cell and went 12 days without food, he indicated.

Fattah Al-Aklouk, who has been arrested three times since October 7, reported that a compatriot, named Muhammad Al-Kahlot, died as a result of torture.


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