Mar del Plata company presents its medical care platform in the United States

Mar del Plata company presents its medical care platform in the United States
Mar del Plata company presents its medical care platform in the United States

Within the framework of the International Medical Supplies Fair (Fime) 2024the world’s largest medical artificial intelligence company Virtual Guardbased in Mar del Plata, Argentina, surprised all attendees with its innovative telemedicine project. For three days, its stand was one of the most visited internationally, attracting the attention of companies from Canada, Colombia, Mexico, Spain, Italy and Saudi Arabia.

The project presented by Guardia Virtual not only attracted attention for its advanced technologybut also for its focus on accessibility and improving quality of healthcare in remote and underserved areas.

The platform uses artificial intelligence to make accurate diagnoses and telemetry to monitor patients in real time, allowing for rapid and effective medical intervention.

The references together with the startup mentor Etienne Gilard

The representatives of Guardia Virtual, including the CEO Diego Kumorkiewicz and the business director Pablo Seijo, expressed their surprise and gratitude for the excellent reception of their project. “The response has been overwhelming, we did not expect so much acceptance and we are excited for the opportunities this can bring,” said Kumorkiewicz.

Among the most notable meetings held during the fair were the conversations with Florida National Universitywho showed great interest in collaborate on joint research and technological developments. Likewise, the NGO Image Accessibility expressed his desire to integrate Virtual Guard technology to improve medical care for people with visual impairments.

Besides, businessmen from Canada and Saudi Arabia They saw Guardia Virtual as a potential solution to improve their local health systems, especially in regions where medical infrastructure is limited.

The firm revolutionizes the United States.

The impact of Guardia Virtual in Fime 2024 not only reflects the technological advance of the company, but also the Argentina’s innovation capacity in the field of health digital. This event has marked a before and after for the Mar del Plata company, which now looks to the future with the certainty of being on the right path to transform medical care worldwide.

Participation in the fair also included live demonstrations and interactive workshops, where attendees were able to experience the platform’s capabilities first-hand. This direct interaction allowed visitors to better understand the advantages and potential of the technology developed by Guardia Virtual.

With a promising future and a strengthened network of contacts, Guardia Virtual is positioned as a benchmark in the field of telemedicine and artificial intelligence applied to health, taking Argentine innovation to the global stage.

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