More than a thousand troops from Chilean and US Special Operations Forces begin Exercise Pacific Dagger in the Magallanes region and Antarctica

This Monday, Exercise Pacific Dagger 2024 began, a combined exercise in which around 1,200 troops from the Special Operations Forces of the Chilean Army and the United States Southern Special Operations Command (SOCSOUTH) participate in the Magallanes region and Antarctica. Chilean. This will take place until next Friday, June 28.

Qualified as the “esouthernmost special operations exercise in the world“, in these the capabilities of the troops will be tested in extreme weather conditions in cold weather scenarios. In turn, they aim to improve interoperability between the forces of both countries and strengthen combat skills in various tactical situations.

For the beginning of these operations, the special operations units of Chile and the United States carried out a Force Integration Training (FIT) phase, in order to standardize procedures and techniques to work integrated.

The United States armed forces and their special forces are always at a very high level of updating and operability and this allows us, through this exchange of experiences and combined work, to update our units on the most recent procedures. , technologies and employment of special operations forces“, indicated Colonel Davor Versalovic S., who is part of the management team.

Meanwhile, the Chilean Army reported that the command post of the Combined Joint Task Force (CJSOTF) will be located in the “Lautaro” Special Operations Brigade (BOE), in the Colina commune, in Santiago.

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