Education is experiencing a peculiar moment, stated Arévalo in Guatemala

Education is experiencing a peculiar moment, stated Arévalo in Guatemala
Education is experiencing a peculiar moment, stated Arévalo in Guatemala

The last few years have been extremely difficult for teachers in our country and in many other places in the world, said the president regarding the tribute.

The Covid-19 pandemic with its imposed confinement forced unprecedented conditions to which we all adapted in our own way, described the head of state on Teacher’s Day in this Central American territory.

At the National Palace of Culture (Government headquarters), he added that for many teachers that meant innovating, improvising, using creativity to be able to continue fulfilling that vocation, with that dedication.

We are also living in a peculiar moment because educational technology is advancing at a speed that we did not anticipate, stressed Arévalo, a sociologist by profession and former diplomat.

The relationship between teachers and students is transformed as new resources for teaching and learning appear, considered the standard bearer of the Semilla Movement party, described as progressive.

But we must be clear – he said – that there is no substitute for the direct relationship between a curious and restless student and a generous teacher who gives his time, his energy, his wisdom.

Educational institutions, schools, buildings and programs do not educate, they are not education, nor are modern applications or devices with technology, said the 65-year-old politician.

Education is done by teachers, human beings with vocation, with dedication, with values, with principles and above all with love for each of their students, he emphasized. She reiterated to the 10 award-winning teachers that “they are the center of education and their individual work that we reward today is exemplary.”

Many of you – he explained – served rural communities in unfavorable conditions, proposed important innovations in the way in which education is provided to the boys and girls of this country.

They all had a very valuable impact, unique in their immediate environment and became part of an order that included Master Juan José Arévalo (his father, president of Guatemala between 1945 and 1951), who was a proud bearer of this medal, he recalled.

At the activity, the Minister of Education, Anabella Giracca, especially greeted the head of state for celebrating this special day for teachers, but also – she stated – because “we know that, for you, education is a priority and it is the way.” .

Every year, since 1967, the sector has awarded the Francisco Marroquín National Order to teachers who contributed with their teachings to improving education in the country, until 2023 it recognized 411 of them.


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