Woman discovers that her husband was cheating on her thanks to her baby: “God cannot forgive him”

On social media, where all kinds of videos go viral, one in particular caught the attention of thousands of people. A mother concerned about her baby’s safety decided to install a monitoring camera in the room to check on his well-being when she was not present. What was captured on camera, however, revealed a painful betrayal and loss of trust in her husband.

The video, shared on June 23, has accumulated more than 28 million views, more than 169,000 likes and has generated hundreds of comments. In the image captured by the camera, the woman’s husband appears next to the baby’s crib, apparently caring for him tenderly. However, zooming in on the image reveals that he was actually in conversation with other women via his mobile phone.

The baby’s father, unaware that the camera was on, was actively chatting with lovers while he should have been devoting his attention exclusively to his son and family. The wife, upon discovering the truth by reviewing the images, was shocked by the betrayal.

Outraged and determined to expose the infidelity, The woman shared the video on social media, unleashing a wave of comments and reactions among users. Many women expressed their solidarity with the mother and their condemnation of her husband’s behavior.

This is the video:

“Why does he cheat when he has a baby?” “Baby daddy monitor?”, “This is too FBI level ”, “Trying to watch other women with their baby right there is weak”, “All women are true detectives,” “God has no forgiveness,” are some of the comments that can be read in the video about the infidelity.

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