What time does Hurricane Beryl hit Mexico on Friday, July 5?

What time does Hurricane Beryl hit Mexico on Friday, July 5?
What time does Hurricane Beryl hit Mexico on Friday, July 5?


Category 5 Hurricane Berylrepresents an extreme danger to the affected areas in the Caribbean Sea and continues its planned course to the northwest, towards Mexico and the southern United States Joined. In addition, Bronwsvillein Texas, remains on alert and has already announced that it has closed its port.

The US National Hurricane Center (NHC) anticipated in its 20th public advisory that the hurricane is moving northwest at a speed of 30 kilometers per hour and shows Maximum sustained winds of around 230 kilometers per hour with higher gusts. He also reported that will pass near or over Jamaica during the next few hourswith devastating hurricane-force winds, life-threatening storm surge, damaging waves, flash flooding, and landslides, and near the Cayman Islands towards evening or early Thursday.

According to the latest updates, it is estimated that Beryl makes landfall on the Yucatan Peninsula, MexicoThursday night or early FridayAlthough some weakening is expected over the next two days, it is expected to remain a hurricane until it reaches the impact zone, which extends from Puerto Costa Maya to Cancun.

“They wait Damaging winds, dangerous storm surge and heavy rainfall over parts of the Yucatan Peninsula,” the NHC warned, which also detailed that in this area Storm surges could raise water levels up to 1 to 1.5 meters above ground level“Near the coast, the storm surge will be accompanied by large destructive waves,” he added.

High tides hit the coast after Hurricane Beryl in Santo Domingo on July 2, 2024.FRANCESCO SPOTORNO – AFP

On the other hand, the organization anticipated that the impact of the tropical cyclone in the region will produce Torrential rainscon Total rainfall of between 10 and 15 centimeters, with localized amounts of more than 20 centimeters late Thursday and into Friday. “Beryl should weaken further while over Yucatan, Then it will slowly intensify again over the Gulf of Mexico.” the NHC predicted.

Although the agency stressed that “there is still uncertainty in the forecast of Beryl’s trajectory and intensity over the western Gulf of Mexico this weekend” – at the end of its path – the tropical cyclone is expected to reach off the coast of Tamaulipas on Saturday around 8 a.m.which would lead to consequences for the southern Texas, USA

The projected path for Hurricane BerylNHC

“Those interested in the western Gulf of Mexico, including southern Texas, should monitor the progress of Beryl,” the NHC said, adding that in its estimates it would The eye of the storm could make landfall in far northeastern Mexico on Monday morning.which would result in possible effects up to near the south of the Texas city of San Antonio.

“The forecast intensity again indicates that The cyclone will regain hurricane strength before reaching the western Gulf Coast.followed by weakening after landfall,” the agency said.

Although the hurricane has already passed near Puerto Ricoits backwash continues to cause problems for the inhabitants of the territory incorporated into the United States. “Large waves generated by Beryl are affecting the southern coasts of Puerto Rico, Hispaniola and Jamaica, and are expected to affect the Cayman Islands later this Wednesday.

In that sense, they would extend to parts of the west of Cuba and the Yucatan Peninsula “over the next day or two,” the NHC said. “These swells are expected to cause life-threatening rip currents.”

A new tropical wave is approaching the Caribbean, according to the NHCNHC

In turn, a new tropical wave called AL96 It is approaching from the east, heading west, at a speed of between 32 and 40 kilometers per hour, towards the Windward Islands. “A tropical wave is anticipated for tomorrow. The probability of tropical development is only 20%%, but should bring a Increased rainfall and thunderstorms overnight and tomorrow, with a breezy weather pattern,” NWS San Jose warned.

According to the NHC, an activity of showers and thunderstorms remains disorganized in association with this tropical wave. If this system develops, it will be slow. Regardless, gusty winds and locally heavy rainfall are expected across portions of the Lesser Antilles.


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