Carrefour workers denounce “a toxic work environment”: the company puts up signs announcing the number of employees who are on sick leave

Carrefour workers denounce “a toxic work environment”: the company puts up signs announcing the number of employees who are on sick leave
Carrefour workers denounce “a toxic work environment”: the company puts up signs announcing the number of employees who are on sick leave

If social networks are good for anything, it is to denounce abusive corporate practices and reach a larger number of people. That is precisely what Iren (@lemazain_iren), a profile of X (formerly Twitter), has done, which has published several photos of some hanging posters on the communication panels of the Carrefour facilities showing the number of employees who are on sick leave in the establishment, under the term “Absenteeism” and the motto “If you are absent, we all notice.”

Infobae Spain has contacted the user behind the photographs (a Carrefour employee), who has clarified that for reasons of protection of the workers in these establishments he cannot indicate the stores in which these signs are posted, although he can confirm that they are located in Madrid, Castellon and Seville.

“This practice is added to others such as constant change of schedulehe I do not respect continued by the breaks between days and the Failure to comply with the maximum working hours, which is 9 hours. Neither sick leave nor vacations are covered, We are timed for tasks and the following are used cameras to monitor and coerce to the working people,” he denounced to this medium. And he added that, in his opinion, this situation of “overload, overexertion and toxic climate“of workers is what causes contingencies such as anxiety or depression that end up leading to sick leave for their workers.

Posters with the number of people on sick leave at Carrefour (@lemazain_iren in X)

The UGT union itself has confirmed to this newspaper that The photographs are authentic and have been displayed in several they have already contacted the company requesting its withdrawal, since, although They do not break the law -by not mentioning the names of the absent employees-, “it is morally unethical” to display them, which is why they have demanded that they not be placed again.

Infobae Spain The company has also contacted the supermarket’s press department in Madrid, which has stated that it was not aware of these practices or the photos published and did not want to provide its version of events.

Hours not worked by Temporary Disability (TD) increased significantly in 2023, according to data from the Ministry of Social Security. In the fourth quarter of 2023, 386,688,562 hours were not worked due to IT, the second highest figure in the historical series. This increase includes an average of 23 hours per employee, higher than the 22.4 hours in the same period in 2022 and the 17 hours in 2019, before the pandemic.

This trend, identified more than a year ago by unions and employers, was addressed in the Fifth Agreement on Employment and Collective Bargaining (AENC). Despite this, the legislative changes necessary to mitigate its increase have not yet been introduced, according to sources close to the negotiations.

The unions have asked the Ministry of Social Security to reach agreements with the collaborating mutual insurance companies to carry out diagnostic tests and therapeutic treatments in order to reduce the duration of sick leave due to traumatological causes. However, they stressed the importance of maintaining the powers of the public health services and allowing the worker to choose the place of treatment.

The Secretary of State for Social Security and Pensions, Borja Suarezacknowledged the increase in the duration of sick leave, attributing it to problems in public health services. According to UGT, negotiations continue with significant disagreements. While unions seek to limit the intervention of mutual insurance companies to specific trauma cases, companies propose extending their role to more situations.

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