Aleksandr Iakiminskyi, the Israeli killed in the Karmiel attack

Aleksandr Iakiminskyi, the Israeli killed in the Karmiel attack
Aleksandr Iakiminskyi, the Israeli killed in the Karmiel attack

An off-duty Israeli soldier was killed and a second wounded in a terrorist attack on Wednesday at a shopping mall in Karmiel. The slain soldier managed to kill the terrorist before collapsing.

The emergency service Magen David Adom He said two men in their 20s were taken to the Galilee Medical Center in Nahariyya.

They were in critical and serious condition, according to the MDA. One of them was later declared dead.

The soldier was the sergeant Aleksandr Iakiminskyi19 years old, truck driver of the 71st Battalion of the 188th Armored Brigade, Nahariyya.

The second soldier also served in the 71st Battalion, according to the FDI.

A video showed that the terrorist stabbed Iakiminskyi several times in the neck before attacking the second soldier. He was seen Iakiminskyi getting up after being attacked and opening fire on the terrorist.

Security officials later identified the attacker as Jawad Omar Blondean Israeli citizen from the nearby Arab town of Yes. He was shot to death, police said.

The police chief of the northern district, Plant Subsidysaid the terrorist arrived at the mall on foot.

The spokesman for the Police of Israel, Eli Levysaid security forces did not immediately rule out the possibility of additional threats in the area.

“Naturally, we are familiar with this type of attack and we must rule out the possibility that there are more terrorists in the vicinity,” he said.

The mayor of Karmiel, Moshe Koninskihe told the radio stationAble to: “We are experiencing such an event for the first time… It is an old shopping mall that is used by most of the area. I hear a lot of speculation about the identity of the [agresor]but we will let the police complete their investigation.”

“I really hope he is not a resident of the area,” he added. “There is bad news everywhere, both among Jews and Arabs.”

Karmiel has seen a growing influx of upper-middle-class Arab professionals in recent years, one of several cities in the country that has seen de facto segregation trends fall by the wayside.

The northern town was one of several communities that were strategically established beginning in the mid-1960s as part of a government attempt to expand the Jewish presence in Galileewhere Arabs made up the majority of the population.

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