Today’s anniversaries: what happened on July 4 | Events that occurred in Argentina and the world

Today’s anniversaries: what happened on July 4 | Events that occurred in Argentina and the world
Today’s anniversaries: what happened on July 4 | Events that occurred in Argentina and the world

In the 4th of July anniversaries These events stand out from today in Argentina and the world:

1776. American independence

Thirteen British colonies declare their independence in Philadelphia, marking the birth of the United States.In the Declaration of Independence they proclaim “that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights; that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” The war of independence lasted until 1783..

1895. Esteban Maradona is born

Esteban Laureano Maradona was born in Esperanza, province of Santa Fe. A medical graduate, he worked for half a century in the town of Estanislao del Campo, in the deepest part of Formosa. He founded a rural school and wrote books on flora, fauna and anthropology, while living in austerity, surrounded by indigenous communities. He left Formosa in 1986, when he was already 90 years old, and settled in Rosario, where he died on January 14, 1995, a few months before his 100th birthday. In his memory, July 4 is commemorated in Argentina as the Rural Doctor’s Day.

1926. The birth of Alfredo Di Stéfano

In the Barracas neighborhood Alfredo DiStefano was bornHe trained at River and played for Huracán before moving to Colombian football after the 1948 strike. In 1953 he joined Real Madrid, and began a formidable campaign of eleven seasons, with eight local titles and the first five European Cups in a well as the first Intercontinental Cup. He received the Ballon d’Or in 1957 and 1959. He retired with Espanyol in Barcelona in 1966. As a coach, he won the championship with Boca and River in 1969 and 1981, respectively, an unprecedented event.He was also a champion as a coach in Valencia and He was named honorary president of Real Madrid. The Blonde Arrow He is considered one of the greatest footballers in history, alongside Diego Maradona, Lionel Messi, Pelé and Johann Cruyff. He died in 2014, three days after his 88th birthday.

1940. Miguel Angel Estrella is born

The pianist Miguel Ángel Estrella was born in Tucumán. He studied in France with Nadia Boulanger. He was kidnapped and tortured in Uruguay after leaving Videla’s ArgentinaHis hands were broken and international pressure saved his life. Since then he has been an activist for human rights. He created the Music Hope Foundation and was Argentina’s ambassador to UNESCO between 2003 and 2015. Died in 2022.

1954. The Miracle of Bern

West Germany defeated Hungary 3-2 in the final of the World Cup in Switzerland. The German victory goes down in history as the “Miracle of Bern”: they had lost to the Magyars 8-3 in the first round of the tournament. In their four matches prior to the final, Hungary scored 25 goals and conceded 7They had been unbeaten since 1950, and fell in the final after 33 games without knowing defeat, with the 6-3 thrashing of England at Wembley in 1953 being the milestone. Eight minutes into the final, Hungary was already winning 2-0.but 10 minutes later the Germans equalised and turned it around with a goal from Rahn with six minutes left to win their first World Cup.

1976. The St. Patrick’s Day Massacre

Three priests and two seminarians of the Pallottine order are murdered in the church of San Patricio, in the Belgrano neighborhood. The victims are the priests Alfredo Leaden, Alfredo Kelly and Pedro Duffau, and the seminarians Salvador Barbeito and Emilio Barletti. A task force entered at dawn and shot them dead. A slogan written in chalk (“For the comrades blown up in Federal Security. We will win. Long live the Fatherland”) suggested that it was a gang of Federal Police, in revenge for the bomb placed in that police station on July 2. They also wrote: “These leftists died for being indoctrinators of virgin minds and they are MSTM” (the acronym is for the Movement of Priests for the Third World). The investigation by journalist Eduardo Kimel targeted Navy repressors. Kimel was denounced by Guillermo Rivarola, the first judge in a case that remains unpunished. Accused of insulting the magistrate, whom Kimel criticizes in the book The St. Patrick’s Day MassacreThe journalist was sentenced to pay 20 thousand dollars. The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights ruled in favor of Kimel and that led to the decriminalization of the crime of slander and libel in 2009.

1976. Rescue operation in Uganda

The Israel Defense Forces are carrying out the Operation Entebbe to rescue 248 hostages from an Air France flight hijacked by members of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. The plane was flying from Tel Aviv to Paris when it stopped in Athens on June 27. At the beginning of the second part of the journey, the hijacking took place and the flight was diverted to Entebbe, the capital of Uganda, a country ruled by dictator Idi Amin. The kidnappers are demanding the release of Palestinian prisoners, and if Israel does not comply, they will begin executing hostagesYitzhak Rabin’s government obtains a 72-hour extension, crucial for organizing the rescue mission. The troops travel with maps of Entebbe airport and have support from the Kenyan governmentUpon arrival, they burst into the terminal where the hostages were being held, kill the kidnappers and rescue all the passengers on the Air France flight, except for three who die in the operation. The Israelis have only one casualty: Commander Yonatan Netanyahu, 20, who leads the rescue team.He was the older brother of Benjamin Netanyahu, the future prime minister.

1992. Farewell to Piazzolla

Astor Piazzolla dies in Buenos Aires at the age of 71. He had suffered a stroke in 1990 in Paris, from which he could not recover. Born in Mar del Plata in 1921, He emigrated with his family as a child to New York, where he met Carlos GardelHe already played the bandoneon and, upon returning to Argentina, he joined Aníbal Troilo’s orchestra. Having become an iconoclast of tango, he went to study with Nadia Boulanger in France in 1954.Upon his return, he formed the revolutionary Buenos Aires Octet, and then the first Quintet. Together with Horacio Ferrer he created the “operita” Maria from Buenos Aires and “Ballad for a Madman”, which was followed by other songs, such as “Chiquilín de Bachín” and “Ballad for my Death”In the 70s he formed the Noneto and the Octeto Electrónico, before returning to the Quintet, one of the most acclaimed groups in the world in the 80s. After its dissolution, he formed the short-lived Sextet. He is considered one of the most important musicians in Argentina, with worldwide projection..

2012. The Higgs Boson is confirmed

The European Organization for Nuclear Research confirms the existence of the Higgs boson. It is an elementary particle. Its name is taken from the English physicist Peter Higgs.who in 1964 proposed a model to explain the origin of the mass of elementary particles. The empirical demonstration was carried out in the particle accelerator known as the “God Machine”, a work that took ten years to build: it is located on the border between France and Switzerland, at a depth of 175 metres and is 27 kilometres long. Higgs and Belgian François Englert received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2013.

In addition, it is the National Day of Coexistence and Plurality of Political Expressionsin memory of Ricardo Balbín’s farewell speech to Juan Domingo Perón.

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